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The Keto diet has been known to help people lose fat quickly. Following a Keto diet means that a person will eat foods high in fat, some proteins, and low or no carbs. By eating this way, the body reaches ketosis, which means it will burn fats for energy. Since fruits and vegetables are mostly low in carbs, they are great for someone following this type of diet. Here are 10 Keto friendly fruits and vegetables you need to know about.


Half of an avocado has just 1.2 grams of total net carbs. It is also a fruit that is high in fiber, so avocados are very filling. Turn it into guacamole, spread it on a sandwich, or cut it into slices and eat it on a salad. Avocados are great for the Keto diet because they are high in fat and low in carbs. Since they have monounsaturated fat, avocados are also great for reducing the risk of heart disease.



For every 100 grams of celery, there are only 2.37 grams of carbs. It also has 1.6 grams of dietary fiber in it as well. This means the net carbs for celery is 1.37 grams. Celery is the perfect snack and can be dipped into some guacamole, which is also low carb.  



Mushrooms can be added to salads and other dishes and is low carb. They can be added for flavor in meals. Not only are they low in carbs, but they also have anti-inflammatory properties, which can be good for your body. For every 100 grams of mushrooms, there are only 3.26 grams of total carbs. Due to its 1 gram of fiber, the net carbs of celery are only 2.26 grams.



Asparagus does more than make your pee smell. It is also good for you and low in carbs. For every 100 grams of the vegetable, it has 3.88 total carbs. With its 2.1 grams of fiber, it only has a total of 1.78 grams of net carbs. Asparagus is great to add to any dish or even have as a side with your meal.

Bok Choy

Bok Choy is a type of Chinese cabbage that can be compared to mustard greens or celery. It can be added to dishes or eaten as a side. Grill it or put it into some delicious stir-fry. Not only is it low in carbs, but Bok Choy is packed with vitamins and minerals that are good for your body. Per 100 grams of the vegetable, there are 2.18 total carbs and with 1 gram of fiber, that brings the net carbs down to 1.18 grams.

Spinach and Leafy Greens

Healthy meal

There are not too many other vegetables that have as low of a carb count as spinach. All leafy greens are pretty low in carbs, but spinach has 1.43 grams of total net carbs. It also has 2.2 grams of dietary fiber. Spinach can be great in salads raw or can be cooked. It can be a side or added to dishes. It also has other nutrients that can be beneficial for the body.



One cup of cantaloupe has 12.84 grams of total net carbs. It also has a great amount of vitamin A and can make up your entire daily value in one serving. It is also great for helping out the immune system and supports skin and eye health. Cantaloupe can be eaten as a delicious and refreshing snack and even goes well with cottage cheese.



Delicious and juicy peaches are a great fruit that is Keto friendly. It is low carb with only 12.39 grams of total net carbs. It can also help lower high cholesterol, regulate diabetes and help with inflammation. Grab a peach for an on-the-go snack, pair with cottage cheese, or even make it into a sweet salsa.



Raspberries are very high in fiber, so even though they have 14.69 grams of total carbs, their 8 grams of fiber bring the total net carbs down to 6.69 grams. Raspberries are also high in antioxidants and can help decrease high blood sugar. Due to their high fiber, they are a very fulfilling food, so you will be satisfied after having them. They can be enjoyed by themselves, with some low-fat yogurt, or even on top of salads.



There is no better snack than a cup of delicious, juicy watermelon. It is also a fruit that is lower in carbs than others. 1 cup of watermelon has only 11.03 total net carbs. In addition, watermelon is also beneficial because it is high in lycopene. This dual-purpose vitamin can help protect skin from the sun and also decrease the risk of heart disease.

Following a Keto diet is a lifestyle that can be very beneficial. Sticking to healthy, Keto-friendly fruits and vegetables will not only help your body to reach ketosis but will also help you to feel full for longer.


  1. Below mushrooms, while describing the net carbs of mushrooms, you used “celery” instead of “mushrooms”.

    Thank you for this content! It’s extremely helpful in the fact that it adds the dietary fiber to most of the produce listed. Love it!

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