10 Life Hacks to Reduce Stress and Anxiety
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Around one in thirteen people suffer from anxiety globally. In the United States alone anxiety affects forty million of the population. These are only statistics, but what is anxiety? Well it is a very healthy response our body produces when we are feeling certain emotions. Our nervous system reacts by making us extra cautious in order to protect ourselves from any possible threatening situations. However, staying in that state can be extremely counter productive. Since anxiety affects so many of us, here are 10 life hacks to reduce stress and anxiety.

Don’t think about it

You’re always going to have something in your life that is stressful, and it doesn’t need to relate to work. It also doesn’t always have to do with other people; sometimes it’s your relationship with yourself that is causing your heightened sensitivity to everything around you. This hack encourages you to not over analyze what is stressing you and why. The less you think about your anxiety, the less it impacts you. So don’t give it power!

Love what you do

This refers to anything and everything you do. If you are working towards a great career, make sure your work will make you happy. If you are going to help someone, do it with sincerity. Being whole hearted in your endeavors and finding beauty in all the small things is proven to help boost your overall mood ultimately lowering your anxiety levels and increase your confidence!


Decrease your caffeine consumption

This hack applies to anything that gives you temporary energy boosts like sugary foods or drinks. Although coffee aroma is warm and inviting, anyone who drinks it occasionally will tell you about the jitters they feel when they have it. Of course, coffee itself isn’t a cause for anxiety, however the after effects of caffeine and sugar spikes mimic the symptoms you get from high anxiety and stress levels.

Be mindful

Sitting up straight, bringing your shoulders back, lifting your head up and expanding your chest are all postures that are proven to help boost your confidence and in turn lower your anxiety levels, even if you aren’t actually feeling that way! You need to be mindful of how you are projecting yourself and remember that your outside is projecting your inside. Also, being mindful includes being selective about your thoughts, the more positive thoughts the better! Those that are successful use this hack tremendously, so exercise the motto: mind over matter.


Exercise alone does a whole lot to improve your physical and mental health. Endorphins are the chemicals your body releases when you physically exercise; they are responsible for making you happier! Not only does exercise relieve your stress levels by transferring built up mental energy into something productive, but also helps you look better physically. Now this physical aspect can be anything from aesthetic appeal to something as mentally effective as strong posture.


Be kind to yourself

In order to feel less stressed you need to analyze what is being asked from you and whether or not it’s too much. For example, if at work you are mentally and physically exhausting yourself to satisfy the wants and needs of everyone around you, you will surely burn out! This hack emphasizes taking it easy sometimes; there is no need to set yourself on fire for the sake of everybody else. Also spend some time doing activities that makes you relax. Being kind to yourself can be as simple as laughing with friends or watching a comedy show. Remember that it’s okay to have some downtime.

Pay attention to your environment

This is a biggie. So many people underestimate the impact of their environment on their mental health. This isn’t limited to your work environment, but reaches everything and everyone you interact with. Think about who you spend time with; do they exude negative or positive energy? How about your home life, is your apartment or home a sloppy mess or neatly taken care of? What about the shows you watch? If they are garbage reality TV shows, you might want to take a minute and reflect on what your ears and eyes are absorbing! This also includes the news. Many successful people have opted out of watching news channels due to the destructive way media chooses to release and relay content. Remember that everything impacts your state of mind, so choose carefully!

Manage your time

Time management is often the simplest way to feel better about your life. This life hack is essential in reducing the amount of time you spend worrying, and increasing the amount of time you spend doing! Once you feel like you’re finally accomplishing your goals, you will have an easier time sleeping at night.

Renew and review your goals

Think about what your priorities are. This hack goes back to what we touched on earlier on being kind to yourself. You need to think about what it is you are so anxious about and if it’s worth the worry. If you set out realistic and defined goals, you will have a sharper mindset with no room for trivial thinking.

Detach yourself

When your anxiety levels are at their peak, ask yourself if the situation you’re stressing about will truly matter six months or ten years down. The key to staying calm is knowing everything will come to pass and that you will laugh at how much you made something so obscure matter so much.

These are only ten life hacks you can use to significantly reduce your anxiety and stress levels, but they are very effective. Try them, and you will see a significant difference in your outlook on life and find the strength to conquer the obstacles it throws at you.