10 Warning Signs Your Body is Dying of Thirst
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You may think this doesn’t apply to you, since your body seems to be managing “just fine”. Genuinely listening to anyone that says, “You need to drink more water” has absolutely never happened. What’s the point? Well here are 10 warning signs your body is dying of thirst, and you’re just not listening!

You’re breaking out

The water you drink actually helps your skin sweat, and although to us that seems like a dirty thing, that sweat is actually what washes away excess dirt and oil that cause your skin to break out. The first sign that your body is actually dying of thirst is on your face; and that’s acne. When you drink less water, you sweat less, giving the opportunity for all the oil to mingle with the bacteria on your skin causing those breakouts you hate so much!

You have other skin conditions

You might be thinking “Okay, but I don’t have acne”, well here are some other warning signs that prove you are suffering from dehydration: tired skin, eczema and psoriasis. Water is the main ingredient in each individual cell in our body including our skin; in order to avoid cell mutation you need to give the cell what it needs to function properly!

Your skin is not aging well

We know that maintaining good water intake is going to provide clear skin. But how? And how much should you be drinking? Although it depends on your body, the average female adult should be drinking two liters a day and for men, around three. An increase of wrinkle visibility in our aging ladies is a huge sign that your body is just not hydrated! Water is the absolute key ingredient in maintaining your skin’s elasticity. Elasticity is what allows us to age beautifully and gives us that supple perky glow we all crave. So don’t rely so much on those expensive aging creams!

You have muscle pain

The solution with pain nowadays is to immediately treat it with medication, however discomfort in your muscles in the form of cramps and aches anywhere around your body is a huge sign that your body may simply be dehydrated. A tip for all the ladies and gentlemen out there just starting out at the gym: water intake is top priority for growing your muscles!

You have joint pain

Remember that your joints include cartilage that deteriorate over time and need water for good maintenance. Your body is around eighty percent water and that includes your joints! They need to be well lubricated in order to move freely without any risk of injury. 

You can barely see progress at the gym

Without enough water, you will have difficulty in seeing the results you are trying to achieve. That also includes how well your metabolism is going to help you burn that stubborn fat. A decrease in water intake always equals a decrease in your gym gains!

You struggle to stay focused and alert

Water is key to staying alert and awake, not coffee. In fact, drinking coffee is detrimental to someone who is already low on water consumption. Why? Because caffeine itself causes dehydration!

You regularly suffer from headaches

No, the go-to solution isn’t Tylenol, its water. Water is responsible for maintaining the balance of fluid our brains sits in. That fluid is what protects our brains from getting bumped and bruised when we fall or hit our heads. By decreasing your level of water intake, you are increasing your risk for severe headaches including migraines.

You suffer from fatigue

Your coworker keeps yawning, and then by nature starts a yawning contagion in the office. Guess what yawning means? Lack of proper oxygen flow. Of course, lack of proper oxygen flow can be attributed to a lot of factors including smoking and other nutritional deficiencies. But water is extremely important in helping to carry that good amount of oxygen to your brain cells.

You’re always cold

Another huge warning sign that your body is dying of thirst is that you are often cold and have been blaming it on everything in your life but poor water intake. Proper oxygen flow is what keeps us warm, so if you’re always bundling up, try using your water bottle more often!

These are all just some of the warning signs that prove your body is dying of thirst, so please take heed! Start by drinking a few more glasses of water per day, commit to your favorite water bottle, and build your way up. Your body will appreciate you taking it slow, but don’t slack! Remember to incorporate water-rich foods like fruit; they will help you in staying hydrated. Wishing you the best of luck on your journey to staying hydrated!