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For years, Intelligence quotient (IQ) has been the measuring criteria of better performances at schools, offices, and home. Things have taken a turn for the better, and the new standard of success at personal and professional level is Emotional Quotient (EQ). Emotional Intelligence is an awareness of one’s own emotions, and an ability to change them to achieve the best results. People with high EQ are compassionate, empathetic, and visionary. They are highly social people who can understand the changing emotions of others’. Two studies conducted at the University of Vienna showed that connections with dogs could educate people to recognize emotions in themselves and other humans. One of the studies found that those dog trainers who dealt with dog behavior had high EQ level. Below you will find 5 lessons dogs teach us to become emotionally intelligent.

Some of the basic EQ lessons we can learn from our dogs are:

Lesson 1: Bark out Your Emotions


CaesersWay has mentioned studies that show that dogs have a variety of emotions, including anger, love, guilt, jealousy, sadness, etc.  Dogs are quite expressive about their emotions whatever the situation may be. They bark out for their needs, and know how to convince you. They listen to everyone’s woes and worries silently and patiently.

We, as humans, learn that we should bark out our emotions whether it’s acceptance of a mistake we had made or a complaint we had with the management. Others can understand us only when we will be expressive about our feelings. Listening takes patience, but it’s important when someone is expressive of his emotions. No one likes to be criticized at such moments. This lesson on ‘Speaking up and Listening Patiently’ enhances relationships of a person.

Goleman says, “Having fulfilling, effective relationships — that’s a sign [of emotional intelligence]”

Lesson 2: Stick through Tough Times

Dog mood

Situations can be frightening or depressing, but your dog will stick with you in spite of your mood swings and anger. He will listen to your woes in a nonjudgmental manner and will cuddle you through times. Most of the dogs pick the owner’s moods, like depression, aggression, happiness, etc. They can read your emotions, and will never laugh when you are crying. Dogs can make you self-aware of your emotions.

No doubt, a dog is a man’s friend and the loyalty, patience, and perseverance that a dog display is irreplaceable. Dogs are living proof of the fact that love and loyalty pay off.  All you have to do is ‘stick through tough times.’

Lesson 3: Be Realistic and Responsible

Hyperactive dog

Dogs never allow their owners to forget the responsibility of feeding them and playing with them. Small hyperactive dogs require a lot of exercise and are difficult to ignore. They keep asking you until you give in. A dog never gets emotional with your ‘rejections’ and searches a way out until he gets what he wants.

Dogs are a constant reminder for you to stay realistic during stress and keep trying. Giving in to emotions and forgetting the responsibilities of the world is not a solution.

Only by constant knocks at the door of success can we achieve success, a lesson we all forget in times of distress. Patience and perseverance are essential rules of professional success.

Lesson 4: Communicate and Socialize

Dogs socialize

Dogs are pack animals and love to socialize with other animals and people. Even in a stranger’s land, when you were on a trip to another city, your dog would have kept interacting with other dogs and people despite the language barrier. You must have noticed that your dog can attract people easily in crowds. So, why do you fear to communicate? Are there any threats?

Dogs teach us to have the courage and take initiatives. Dogs treat everyone equally, despite the place you are living in. They can communicate confidently with anyone at any place. They love to socialize and manage their teams. Such boldness, if developed in us, can help us communicate and socialize easily in spite of language, status, position barriers.

Lesson 5: Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Dogs love

Dogs give us the basic lesson of relationship, i.e., understand before being understood. This philosophy helps us manage our emotions well with different people in our lives. Dogs show unconditional love and acceptance towards you despite your mood swings. Such unconditional love and uncritical acceptance are needed by everyone.

Working as a team, it is required of us as leaders or superiors that we listen to everyone’s opinions and have a room for acceptance for mistakes. That unconditional love and support at personal or professional level helps everyone to grow at an exponential rate.


Managing anger and stress by being patient and giving out positive energies enhances the quality of our lives.  Authentic expression of emotions, loyalty, and team management can add the extra element of success to our professional lives. Unconditional love and uncritical acceptance adds to our personal life success.