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One of the biggest makeup trends at the moment is looking like you’re not wearing any makeup at all – minus the under eye bags, blemished and uneven skin tone. Putting enough makeup on to look like you’re not wearing any can be an extremely tricky and long process (believe it or not). Here are 5 organic makeup tips to look like you’re not wearing any.

Moisturize and prime

The key to bright, natural and glowy skin is to make sure that you are hydrating your skin. Your skin goes through a lot of stress on a daily basis, from the pollutants in the air, to the harsh chemicals that are in your makeup and cleanser. Try swapping out your 3 step (cleanser, toner, and moisturiser) for an organic skincare brand, made with all natural ingredients. Take off all of your makeup at night time and be sure to use your organic 3 step twice a day for beautiful dewy skin. Moisturising is key before you apply any kind of primer or foundation, as harsh makeups can actually dry out your skin and become an irritant, which will lead to break outs and sore skin. Your moisturiser should be light-weight and leave your skin feeling fresh and lovely. After you have moisture properly and primed, you can apply a thin layer of foundation, which will give you that natural glowy finish.


Contour and highlight makeup

Highlighting effectively will accentuate all of your natural features and give you a dewy complexion. For the most natural results, using a light highlighter cream, or an organic mineral powder across your cheekbones and on the bridge of your nose, will really draw attention to the shape of your face and give that fresh feel that everybody is after. Remember to use your highlighter sparingly when going for the natural look, some would say that you can never use too much highlighter, but they would be wrong.


Nude and peachy tones are the best for a more natural finish, as too much blusher can make you look like a clown. Apply with a soft brush, after you have patted the majority of the powder off, and sweep across your cheeks in circular motions. This will give your complexion and skin a subtle flush and the right amount of natural colour that will compliment your base tone.

Eyebrows and lashes

Eye highlight

Thick eyebrows are extremely fashionable at the moment, but bold eyebrows should remain with the bolder makeup look. Use a light mineral pencil to achieve the right level of eyebrow thickness and apply with light handed sweeps – this will prevent your eyebrows from looking too dark and blocky. A useful tool to keep in your makeup bag is an eyebrow comb, as you can style the hairs to appear thicker and bushier, without having to use much product for the overall look – this is particularly handy if you are looking for a quick fix for your festival makeup look. For your lashes, a couple of sweeps of your favourite mineral mascara should do the trick – anything more than that will be too bold and ruin your overall look.

Luscious lips

Lucious lips

Avoid any lipstick or lip gloss for this particular makeup look. For the subtle and beautiful finish, try to stick to some clear lip pumping balm – if you want to add a little bit of tinted balm, then do so sparingly, as the key is to achieve the “I woke up like this” look.

The “no makeup look” looks effortless and beautiful, but it actually takes a lot of hard work and practice to achieve the perfect look. Remember, use all of your products sparingly, always cleanse, tone and moisturise and hydrate throughout the day!