5 reasons orlando is great for raising a family
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When you’re single or in a new relationship, there’s not much thought given to where you’ll live. A special job opportunity or unique experience might take you away for a year or so, but people typically hang around their hometown during their years as a young adult. However, everything changes once children are in the picture. Now, you really start considering the different factors that make a place worth raising a family. Orlando has become an increasingly popular place for young families and for good reason. Here are 5 reasons why Orlando is great for raising a family.

1. No state income tax

no state income tax in orlando

Yes, you read that right! Florida is one of a few states in the country where a percentage of your income isn’t taken out for the state government. While there’s still no escape from that ever present federal income tax, you can enjoy a larger monthly payout when you move to Orlando. This is a major benefit for new families since raising children isn’t exactly the most affordable thing in the world. That extra money can be put towards renovating your new home or placed in the bank for college savings.

2. Near major attractions

Families around the country (and around the world) save up for months or even years at a time in order to take their children on a special trip to some of the major theme parks in Orlando. Whether you prefer exploring Disney World, riding roller coasters at Universal Studios, taking a dive at SeaWorld, or building a house in LEGOland, this Floridian city is the epicenter of theme park fun. When you live in Orlando, you’ll be able to take your family to these attractions regularly without having to spend a small fortune. This fact alone makes owning a home in Orlando a wise choice.

3. Good neighborhoods and schools

good neighborhoods and schools in orlando

Safe neighborhoods and great schools should rank high on any parent’s lists when searching for the best place to raise their children. Orlando checks both of these boxes with some excellent places to live and educate your family. Doctor Phillips, Conway, College Park, Baldwin Park, and Altamonte Springs are just a few of the city’s affordable and safe suburbs. There are also good schools around the city, which all parents can be thankful for. Like any city, there are pockets where crime is higher. You should always check to make sure where you’re considering buying a house is an ideal place in Orlando.

4. Incredible weather

Great weather might be an obvious reason to consider raising your family in Florida, but we can’t skip over it. On average, Orlando sees an average of 233 days of sun each year. That’s more time you can spend outside with your family experiencing nature, going on a walk, picnicking in one of Orlando’s many parks, and much more. While weather shouldn’t be your only consideration, it’s’ certainly worth taking into account. You might be surprised just how much of a difference extra sunshine can make in your daily life in terms of happiness and health.

5. Growing city

orlando is a growing city and great for raising a family

Orlando is growing quickly. More and more people are taking notice of what this city has to offer and acting on it. While a fast-growing city can contribute to more competition and slightly higher prices, it also has several benefits. Many professionals will experience a greater range of opportunities and even a potential boost in income. Growing cities also tend to invest more in infrastructure and other city amenities. Overall, a growing city is a great place to live and raise a family.

Now, when trying to reflect where you should move your family to start your life, remember these 5 reasons Orlando is great for raising a family. Whether you’re moving from across the country or down the road, consider using Suddath moving company in Orlando, Florida to help make your move easier, quicker, and more efficient.