Miracle Drinks to Lose Weight
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Losing weight is a common struggle for many women and men, no matter what age. There are certain factors that will make it even more difficult. Poor diets, lack of exercise or even the stress from work can all contribute to difficulty losing weight. While there are no magical pills to take, there are certainly a number of natural options. Adding these drinks into your daily meals will help you reach your weight-loss goals. Here are 6 delicious miracle drinks that will help you lose weight.

1. Cinnamon and Honey Water

This is a simple one to make. Using either a cinnamon stick or ½ teaspoon of cinnamon powder, add it to a cup of boiling water. As the water cools, add honey to your preferred taste being mindful not to make it too sweet. Drink half before you go to bed and the other half when you wake up. Do not reheat.

The benefits of cinnamon are: regulating your natural sugar levels and helping you feel fuller longer (which helps stop you from eating more often). The honey will make your metabolism faster and also calm your hormones enough to reduce your stress levels.

By mixing honey and cinnamon, you’ll get a nice tonic that will help with burning fat and also regulate your glucose and cholesterol levels.

2. Cucumber-infused Water

Cucumber water

Cucumbers are often used in detox recipes because they act as a mild diuretic and can begin the process of removing toxins and other internal build up. By adding citrus fruits, like lemons or limes, you’ll create a delicious and refreshing beverage. While cucumber is designed to flush, citrus will provide an energy boost to your metabolism.

Cucumber is also a great source for water, as it’s made up of over 90% water. So as it works to flush out the negatives, the cucumber water will help keep you hydrated. Another great option for this is to add some natural, fresh grapefruit. The combination will be very light and refreshing. Grapefruit will add a flavor, a small bit of sugar and raised energy levels.

3. Green Tea

Green tea

This is a great option because tea has other health benefits, as well. Regarding weight loss, green tea stimulates your metabolism to burn energy (and fat) faster. There are also no extra calories to worry about. This tea is full of antioxidants, making it a great choice to use for a detox. To add a bit of variety, you can put different fruits (like strawberries or lemons) in with your tea to add more flavor and natural sweeteners. To really see results quickly, you’ll want to have a cup of green tea, with or without the extra additives, three times a day. You can also have a cup before your meals.

4. Spicy Ginger, Honey and Cayenne

Ginger drink

Ginger has a great list of health healing benefits but it can also help with weight loss. It does so by raising your body temperature, which stimulates the burning and reducing of fat cells. Cayenne pepper and ginger will increase your metabolism while the honey will aid in dissolving the fats. Honey will also provide a soothing relief to your abdomen.

If you find that cayenne is too spicy for you, you can try this with black pepper instead. While the cayenne lowers fat levels and shrinks fats cells, the black pepper will stop your body from creating them in the first place.

5. Carrot, Cabbage and Pear Juice

What may seem like an odd combination actually has several benefits. Blend the ingredients until smooth, filter the mixture into another glass and if you’d like, you can add a pinch of salt, a bit of black pepper or cumin powder. Pears are a source for high levels of pectin. Pectin is a naturally occurring sugar found in fruits. So from the pears, you’ll have a barrier against water retention and help with having a regular and healthy digestive tract. The cabbage juice almost promotes healthy digestion, specifically as a cleanser for the liver.

If you want the best results for your weight loss, considering having this drink twice a day (one in the morning and one in the evening.) Carrots are known for their advantage in helping out with vision. However, it also has the vitamins C, D and K. They also have beta carotene, which means that your skin‘s condition will also improve with continued use.

6. Apple Cider Vinegar Soda

One of the sneakiest contributors to weight loss can be found in sugary sodas. Despite being detrimental to our health, we still drink them because they do taste delicious. By using apple cider, you can create a great, much healthier alternative. This drink also works as a marvelous detox addition to help jumpstart your weight loss.

Apple cider vinegar has properties that promote a balance throughout your body, so your blood sugar levels won’t be too high (or too low). Just add a few teaspoons of the vinegar to your favorite sparkling water, which can be flavored or not. If you find that you’re missing the sugar that’s typically found in regular sodas, you can use a sugar substitute.  You can also just use honey for an even more powerful elixir.


When it comes to weight loss, there are a few different techniques to use. Adding exercise routines or merely restricting your diet and calorie intake can also be helpful. Using something as easy as different, healthy drinks can be the kind of stimulus you need to really get your weight loss going. These drinks are designed to flush out the harmful toxins in your digestive system. They will give you a clean slate, allowing you to start your weight loss journey without any extra burdens.

If you find that your stomach is becoming upset from the addition of these drinks, there is another option. You can simply add fresh mint leaves. Add one or more of these to your daily dose and drink your way to a smaller you.