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Hormones are important for the proper functioning of our bodies. Having too much or too little of hormones, like estrogen, can wreak havoc on our mood, reproduction, and even affect the aging process. While many people rely on supplements to balance their hormones, you can also help to naturally balance your estrogen levels with these great foods. Whether you prefer to use a supplement or go the natural route, hormone balance is important to leading a happy and healthy life. In this article you can learn about 6 foods to crush estrogen imbalance.

Coconut Water

Coconut water

Hydration is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. Having enough water in your body can help you stay hydrated and healthy. Coconut water is full of natural electrolytes and vitamins that can also help you balance out your estrogen levels. The antioxidants that it contains can also help lower blood pressure, keep your heart healthy, and can help with your cholesterol levels.



Citrus fruits such as oranges have been known to decrease estrogen levels in the body. Due to high vitamin C as well as other vitamins and nutrients, oranges are a great way to balance your hormones. The make up of oranges is also great for replenishing skin’s natural beauty and making you look younger. You can try drinking natural orange juice not from the concentrate or eat a few orange slices a day.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate

Who knew that some kind of chocolate could have such amazing health benefits? Dark chocolate is delicious and healthy. An added bonus is that it can help you out when your estrogen levels are out of whack. Eating dark chocolate can help to boost your estrogen levels, so if you are lacking the hormone, then dark chocolate is how you should remedy it. You can also look into these top research backed estrogen blockers that can help you remedy your hormonal imbalance.



Garlic is a food that can lower your estrogen levels. On the contrary, it increases your testosterone levels, so if your hormones need some balance, then put a bit of garlic in your next meal. It also has some other great health benefits such as decreasing your risk of heart disease and also balancing out your blood pressure.

Green Tea

Green tea

Another natural way to crush your estrogen imbalance is by drinking green tea. Just a cup or two a day could go a long way. Green tea has so many health benefits, including helping to balance your hormones. Green tea has polyphenols that are packed with antioxidants. It has been known to reduce the amount of estrogen, which can also reduce the risk of breast cancer, as well as help balance out the hormones in your body.



These surprisingly beneficial fruits can help to lower estrogen levels. It also has other amazing benefits like reducing the amount of plaque in your arteries, regulate blood pressure, and it can block the aromatase enzyme. If you haven’t heard of this enzyme before, its job is to convert testosterone into estrogen. It can be ingested as a juice or eaten as a solid food. No matter how you decide to enjoy it, it can help to regulate your estrogen imbalance.

Looking for a Great Natural Supplement?

If you are already eating all these foods without the luck of balancing your hormones, supplements could be the answer for you. Looking to lower your estrogen levels and improve your testosterone levels? Try out Primasurge Natural Test Booster, which can be a great way to help with your hormonal imbalance.

Hormonal imbalance can cause some undesirable consequences to your health. Figure out if you need to crush estrogen imbalance to improve your performance and health. You can add these natural foods and supplements to your daily diet to make sure your hormones are balanced.


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