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Besides diet and exercise, I’ve decided to throw in collagen protein powder into my morning meals to help maintain beautiful skin while on my weight loss program. Even a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and lean protein can lack specific nutrients that the body and skin needs. It all comes down to eating the right foods and adding the right collagen supplement to shift your body into fat-melting mode. Studies have shown that collagen proteins can also help lessen joint pain while improving performance. With that, we have selected 6 of the best collagen protein powders for healthy skin and body appearance. These supplements were tried—spaced out and separately—over a period of time.

Here’s My Top Picks

1The Extremely Effective and Unflavored by Sports Research

What makes Sports Research the best collagen powder brand is its effectiveness. It comes at a moderate price, but the quality is spot-on.

After a few weeks of taking one or two servings a day, the results started to creep in. My hair loss started to diminish, and the pain felt from straining muscles during workouts begun to lessen. Before adding this to my diet, I had difficulty moving around freely after an intense workout. Going about my daily activities without painful muscles burns is now considered a normal way of life.

The powder doesn’t carry a distinct taste, and it mixes well with whatever liquid I’m consuming. This brand is filled with everything you’ll expect in a good collagen peptide supplement—I had no regrets with this purchase—and will continue to use it.

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  • Unflavored and mixes well with anything
  • Extremely useful in treating joint pain
  • Good for skin and hair
  • Results within two weeks


  • May experience bloating in the first few days of use
  • Powder clumps when mixed with very cold water

2The All-Natural and Keto-Friendly by MAV Nutrition

This brand is another personal favorite because it focuses more on athletic performance and gut health. I was impressed by its results, especially when exercising.

There was more strength surge when weightlifting and it gave a better range of mobility. What once used to hurt is now a minor glitch. I managed to reach new records, and the results can be seen in the cuts and muscles grown along the way. Of course, this is thanks to constant exercise; however, the collagen peptides contributed to the increased strength.

In addition to bulkier muscles and increased performance, my hair and nails became stronger too. There was no gas or bloating, and it helped soften my stool, giving a healthier poop. For those looking for a mix of all benefits from collagen peptides, MAV Nutrition Premium is the way to go.

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  • Improves athletic performance
  • Aids in building and strengthening muscles
  • Better digestive health
  • Stronger hair and nails
  • Clearer skin and healthier joints


  • Clumps and sticks a bit. Better mixed in a blender
  • Very fine powder that dusts everywhere when scooping

3The Affordable and Easy-To-Mix by Perfotek

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to scrimp on quality, then this is the ideal purchase. It is made from pasture-raised and grass-fed natural hydrolyzed collagen with the protein and amino acids needed to revitalize your entire body.

The powder unflavored and easy to mix in with drinks. As for consistency and effectiveness, it surpassed my expectations. Excellent results were seen in the in less than a month with my skin and hair.

As for my muscles and joints—they still hurt a bit—but there’s no real intense pain. If you’re more focused on achieving a youthful appearance while slowly regaining strength, this is the product to go for.

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  • Quick results in improving skin and hair
  • No flavor and dissolves quickly in any drink
  • Very affordable for its high quality
  • Made of natural collagen with an excellent amino acid profile


  • Powder strengthens muscles and joints slowly
  • Has a bit of a taste and smell when mixed with plain water

4The New and Improved by Dr. Axe

You may have to dip a little deeper into your budget, but Dr. Axe’s is another high-quality collagen supplement. It has a complete amino acid profile with five types of collagen included in one serving. This collagen protein is complete but without chemicals or growth hormones often used in other health supplements.

I was a bit hesitant regarding my purchase—mainly because of its price. However, after trying it, I immediately saw the superiority of it. My hair has significantly improved, with fuller and thicker volume. In addition, taking Dr., Axe 1-2 times a day improved my performance in the gym while keeping my skin hydrated and my appetite curbed. It genuinely warrants the price.

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  • Curbs appetite and cravings
  • Noticeable results within weeks
  • Thicker hair
  • Healthier skin—lessens cellulite and wrinkles quickly
  • Reduces pain and increases athletic performance


  • High price
  • Doesn’t dissolve well and leaves sandy sediments in the bottom of your cup

5The Versatile and Potent by Vital Proteins

The reason I termed this supplement versatile is that it dissolves exceptionally well with just about any liquid. It can be mixed with oatmeal, yogurt, coffee, juices, or whatever liquid you’re taking before workouts. It doesn’t have a distinct taste, and it can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

This product not only helped with weight loss but within a few weeks I noticed younger-looking skin and healthier hair. While it can take a few months before you see some changes (varying from person to person), it is worth the purchase.

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  • Fantastic nail and hair growth within weeks
  • Stiffness in joints disappear
  • Noticeable decrease in wrinkles and fine lines
  • No digestive issues


  • Bad customer service
  • Some complaints of receiving spoiled batches

6The Strengthening and Cost-Effective by Zint

This is another affordable collagen supplement that focuses on strengthening hair and joints.

The powder doesn’t have a distinct taste and dissolves easily with just about anything. I now wake up with more energy and increased strength—and besides that—I feel more fullness in my hair and more skin suppleness. The downside is that it may take some time before you start seeing noticeable results, but that also depends on your diet and exercise.

Overall, this supplement passes the bar at an affordable price, making it a good investment for those on a budget.

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  • No taste and dissolves easily
  • Helps strengthen joints, hair, and nails
  • Gives smoother and elastic skin
  • More energy and better athletic performance


  • Results may take 2-3 months before it becomes noticeable
  • Comes in a bag instead of a canister

Why Invest In Collagen Protein?

Collagen is widely recognized for aiding youthful appearances. However, it does more than keeping one’s skin and hair healthy and beautiful. It is a structural protein made of amino acids which bind tissues and cells to maintain a healthy and youthful body structure. With that said, here’s why you should invest in collagen supplements.

Improved Joint and Bone Strength

Research indicates that most of your bone mass is made of collagen. By maintaining a healthy amount of essential amino acids in your body (including collagen), you will have healthier joints and bones. This means stronger bones that will not lose density.

The body builds up muscles and proteins that strengthen various body parts, resulting in fewer aches and better range of motion. Through consuming collagen protein before or after workouts, you produce more creatine and amino acids which aid in muscle building while protecting your bones.

You’ll experience less pain with more strength in the gym and during your daily activities.

Healthier Sleep and Digestion

Collagen delivers soothing properties by way of its amino acid—glycine. Glycine contributes to a healthier digestive system which prevents agitation and weakness.

In addition to improved digestion, glycerine is also known to decrease insomnia and relieves stress and anxiety.

Youthful Appearance

While collagen is naturally produced in our bodies, its production declines as we age. That’s why older persons experience looser skin, falling hair, and wrinkles.

By taking a collagen protein powder supplement, you will be able to maintain healthy collagen levels which will encourage natural skin and hair cell renewal and repair.

After I started taking these supplements continuously, I noticed clearer and a more elastic skin within weeks. My hair also felt healthier with more volume. I just looked and felt younger!

How to Choose the Right Brand

Collagen supplements are indeed beneficial for hair, skin, and body. However, that’s only if you choose the quality brand suitable for you—there is no one-brand-fits-all.

If you don’t know how to go about choosing the best brand, here are some vital factors to consider:

Certified Collagen Peptides

When selecting the best collagen powder for skin, look for one that’s marked collagen peptides. This has the unique amino acid profile which aids in building tissues, particularly for skin, hair, and muscles. In essence, it helps you produce new collagen that lessens as you age.

But don’t just choose any collagen peptide brand. If buying online, search for those that have legitimate reviews from real customers.

Unflavored and Easy-Dissolve

Unflavored protein powders are better because they can be consumed with any drink without compromising on taste. Unflavored will work with any liquid meal—smoothie, porridge, and even oatmeal.

In addition, the powder of choice must be easy to mix to avoid choking on clumps and a lumpy discomfort when swallowing.

All-Natural Ingredients

Avoid supplements that contain processed sugar or preservatives which can lead long-term health issues. Focus on brands that are non-GMO and include only the natural ingredients.

Package and Pricing

Consider your budget. While it’s not recommended to look for the cheapest option when searching for quality, it’s wise to avoid overspending as well. Look for supplement that is sealed in a secure package, and that is reasonably priced for the amount. You can also consider grouping with friends or buying in bulk to take advantage of bigger discounts.

How to Use for the Optimal Results

Below are a few tips on how to use these supplements effectively to reap the benefits.

  • There is no best time to take collagen protein; however, most persons find that taking it before and after workouts helps build and retain muscle.
  • Besides mixing it with coffee, it can be taken with oatmeal, hot chocolate, smoothies, or even making it into a nut butter spread.
  • Besides taking a collagen supplement, you must take care of your skin otherwise. Protect yourself from harmful sun rays by wearing sunscreen and avoid overexposure to direct sunlight. Having an effective skincare routine will also help prevent aging.
  • Maintain a balanced diet filled with vitamins and minerals that help promote amino acid production. Continue with an effective workout routine that focuses on muscle building, too.

Collagen protein has changed my life tremendously, and not just with superb weight loss results. I’ve experienced a tremendous improvement in my workouts, as well as healthier skin and bones. With its vast health benefits, there’s no way that it will be out of my diet any time soon. The look and feel are so much better compared to sticking with a traditional weight loss diet.

Out of all the ones that I’ve personally tried and tested, the best brand goes to Sports Research and their Pure Collagen Peptides Powder.

It is unflavored and dissolves well, making it perfect for any drink. After just a few weeks of using it, I started seeing impressive and satisfying results—from stronger hair down to minor pain around my joints after workouts. This brand is moderately priced and comes in a sturdy package.

Hopefully, this purchasing guide will help you find the ideal collagen product needed for healthy skin, hair, and body.

Have you ever tried collagen supplements for weight loss and skin improvement? Please share your comment below. Your contribution will be highly appreciated!