7 best scar treatments you need to know
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Scars are the nasty residues of injuries or acne that can prove to be more annoying than the causes themselves. While some scars fade naturally over the course of time, others can behave pretty stubbornly. For such kind of scars, you need to get up and act at once. But to initiate the treatment, you must first get an idea of what you are about to deal with.

Scars are a part of the healing process that went wrong midway. This happens when your skin lacks collagen, a protein that forms the structure of the human body and is responsible for the elasticity of the skin. To fix a scar, you need to give a push to your skin’s collagen level. And to do that, here are the 7 best scar treatments you can do to make the scars less noticeable.

1.) Over the counter treatment

For scars that are caused by injuries, cuts or wounds or those left after breakouts, etc., you may consider some over the counter medications like gels, lotions, ointments, etc. 

While some of these are available for free, others may need a dermatologist’s prescription. These creams have Retinol, which is an active form of vitamin A that promotes rapid cell regeneration and collagen development. You can try some of the widely used creams such as the Bio-Oil and Mederma that are safe and quite efficient when it comes to showing results.

2.) Silicone gels and sheets

Silicone gel sheets normalize collagen synthesis. As a result, redness, and itching caused due to scars also diminishes. Being easier to use, with usually no pain or side effects, it is no surprise that they have gained volume recognition.

Various studies support the fact that silicone sheeting is the most favored way of treating scars and fading their appearance. A separate study suggests that silicone gel is as efficient as silicone sheeting in slackening hypertrophic and keloid scars.

The best part about these self-adhesive sheets is that they can be cleaned and reused for more treatments.

3.) Laser treatment

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Lasers might have become a recent sensation for making your scars less noticeable. It remains a fact that it can help you get rid of the scars. It does not damage the surrounding tissues but stimulates collagen production. 

The concept is a tad bit complex and needs to be done under certified medical supervision only. The results depend mainly upon the expertise of the dermatologist so you need to choose wisely. The laser treatment demands sincere post-procedure care. Thus, it is advised that you avoid any sun-exposure after getting it done.

4.) Chemical peels

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This procedure involves acid solutions that are applied to the face, which causes the outer layer of the skin to peel off, revealing smoother skin. These peels are known for increasing collagen development, consequently smoothing the skin and reducing the appearance of the scars.

5.) PRP

In this treatment, the patient’s platelets are drawn from his/her body, processed, and injected back into the affected area. As known, it has few to no side effects. And apart from having many medical applications, this therapy promotes healing, along with increasing collagen production.

6.) Microneedling

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Microneedling is a surgical process used by dermatologists to treat different skin conditions. In this treatment, multiple tiny sterile needles are used to puncture the skin and cause physical trauma that further increases collagen levels. This technique rebuilds deeper layers of skin, reduces pore size, and tightens the skin.

7.) Dermal fillers

Dermal fillers are made up of hyaluronic acid. In this, a soft tissue filler is injected into the skin to help fill in facial wrinkles, restoring a smoother appearance. This kind of treatment provides instant results that can last up to a year. Being a little complex in nature, they must be administered by a dermatologist.

Final words

Do not worry if you could not prevent the injury from happening. While the wound is in its healing stage, it is still possible to use these 7 best scar treatments to prevent one from developing. The American Academy of Dermatology has put in a few suggestions that can help a great deal in minimizing the appearance of scars, if not their existence. For this, you can – Keep the area around the wound clean. Use petroleum jelly or vaseline to keep it moist so that it can help reduce the formation of scar tissues. Additionally, make sure that you apply sunscreen and wear sun-protective clothing while stepping out in the sun.

There are also some home remedies that may not have enough scientific evidence to support them but are used extensively. These remedies involve natural ingredients and have no known side effects.

For instance, aloe vera, olive oil, coconut oil, onion extracts, lemon, apple cider vinegar, and honey are some of the natural components that may minify the scars, after ensuring a prolonged usage. It is, however, suggested to do some homework about your skin type, before zeroing in on any of these options.