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Enjoying a cocktail or two can be a way to celebrate the holiday season, but you might be looking to make some low-calorie cocktails so that you can maintain your weight. There are many ingredients in most cocktails that can cause you to put on weight fast, especially if you are enjoying a few at a time. The good news is that there are some things you can do to make sure those cocktails you are enjoying are low calorie. When you are out enjoying a few drinks with friends, here are 7 tips on making low-calorie cocktails that can help you to keep your caloric intake down a notch.

Stay Away from Simple Syrup


Simple syrup is not simple at all. It is pure sugar, and there are many drinks that are made with it. In fact, most sangrias have simple syrup as one of their main ingredients. Stay away from the simple syrup and use fresher ingredients that will contain less sugar.

Use Coconut Water


Coconut water is packed with electrolytes that are awesome for helping to cure hangovers. Instead of waiting until the morning after, you can start drinking coconut water early by making it a mixer with your favorite kind of alcohol. It will keep you hydrated throughout the night so that you have less to worry about in the morning. It is also delicious, especially when combined with fresh fruit.

Substitute Frozen Fruit for Fresh


Fresh fruit is much healthier than frozen. While frozen fruit can be better than other types of fruit that have a high amount of sugar, fresh fruit is best. It will not only give your drink an interesting look, but will also give it some great flavor—all at a low caloric cost.

Keep It Simple

When out with your friends, you can keep it super simple when it comes to ordering your drink. Instead of using high-calorie mixers and drinks that come pre-made, keep it simple. Ask for something as easy as seltzer or choose from the different vodka flavors. You can even dress it up with that fresh fruit if you’re worried about not enjoying the flavor. Lemon, lime, or even watermelon can help to make your drink delicious while also keeping the calories low.

Dress Your Drink Up with Herbs


Herbs can be surprisingly healthy. You can include basil, rosemary, and even lavender in your drinks, which can make them a lot lower calorie than what you are used to. Mojitos are one of the most popular drinks that are made with herbs, but they don’t have to be the only one. You can muddle just about any herb into your drink to make it healthier.

Avoid Pre-Made Mixers

Pre-made mixers are packed with artificial sweeteners and other ingredients that can make you gain weight or pack on the bloating. Mixers for martinis, bloody mary’s, and other popular drinks can really cause you to pack on the pounds. It can be beneficial to use homemade ingredients to mix drinks with rather than rely on the already-made once. For margaritas, use fresh lime juice and agave nectar. There are many healthy recipes that can be used for those popular and yummy cocktails.

Stay Away from Soda


Soda can be a great mixer, too, but it can also be one that comes with a lot of calories. Enjoy your drink without cola or another kind of soda that is packed with sugars. It can also make you feel bloated because of all the carbonation. Instead of using soda as a mixer, consider using a different kind of mixer like coconut water, natural juices, or soda water. You can also consume fewer calories by staying away from liquors that have artificial sugars in them.


Making lower calorie cocktails will make your night better. Not only can you make delicious cocktails that have fresher ingredients, but it will help you keep the weight off. Remember to stay away from extra sugar, keep your drink simple, and be wary of pre-made drink mixers. Sticking to low-calorie cocktails will allow you to still have fun while feeling good, too. You can use fresh fruit and herbs to dress up your drinks. Not only will they be a little classier, but you will also stay healthier as you drink.