Effects of High Estrogen in Men
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Both men and women have estrogen in their bodies, and it actually ensures that the male body will function properly. Estradiol, a type of estrogen, keeps men’s brains and joints healthy and allows sperm to develop correctly. A hormone imbalance will lead to an increase of this, leading to weight gain, cardiovascular issues, gynecomastia, and prostate problems. If you have noticed any of these things and have had the conversation with your doctor to diagnose it, know that you are not alone. There are ways to combat too much estrogen in males, so do know that you are not stuck in place when diagnosed with low testosterone. Here are 8 symptoms of high estrogen in men and how to lower them effectively.

Symptoms of High Estrogen

Loss of Muscle Mass

This idea seems to be a bit controversial, but because raised estrogen can result in a drop in testosterone, it definitely leads to muscle loss. This is because testosterone is effective in stimulating protein synthesis. So, having normal levels of estrogen are totally fine, the increased levels may lead to manipulation of testosterone levels, which leads to loss of muscle mass.

Weight Gain

Levels of estrogen that are raised may cause instances of weight gain, and weight gain may lead to higher levels of estrogen. This cycle may go unnoticed and is not always easily broken.

Risk of Stroke

Excess estrogen may lead to blood clots. If a male has too much estrogen in their system, they may be at a higher risk of enduring a stroke.


This is the growth of male breasts. It happens when there are high levels of estrogen present, as the tissue changes behavior. As they grow, the breasts become larger and firmer, rather than the distinct shape of pectoral fat that men generally have. Generally seen in your boys, men that develop this should see a doctor.

Sleep Irregularity

The link between raised levels of estrogen in men and bad sleep has been proven—most men will report having mild to severe insomnia. Interrupted/bad sleep can lower testosterone, overeating, reduced energy levels, cognitive impairment, and even weight gain. Because of all this, during the day men with high estrogen levels may tend to battle chronic fatigue and lethargy as well. In its vicious cycle, a lack of energy leads to a slower metabolism, which leads to weight gain.

Heart Attack

As men get older, they produce less testosterone. This causes an imbalance of hormones, and makes estrogen become more dominant. Sometimes overlooked, an imbalance such as this may be a possible cause of heart disease.


Fertility in men is determined by the number of sperm that a male has, the movement of the sperm, and if they can survive long enough to fertilize an egg. Those men that are exposed to higher levels of estrogen will generally have a higher rate of infertility—this is due to the fact that estrogen lowers the mobility of sperm.

Prostate Problems

Higher levels of estrogen in males may cause different problems. Some studies have shown that excess estrogen may lead to prostate cancer. Interestingly, once the cancer occurs, the estrogen that is present may actually have anti-cancer effects.

Ways to Lower Estrogen Levels

To naturally block estrogen, you can use things like wild nettle root to regulate the production of the hormone, chrysin to increase testosterone, maca to enhance fertility and block estrogen, and grape seed extract to block estrogen as well. You may also opt to use a pharmaceutical estrogen blocker, like Clomid or other medications known as SERMs (selective estrogen receptor modulators) like raloxifene, letrozole, anastrozole, and tamoxifen.

As far as lifestyle changes, limiting alcohol can help to lower estrogen. This is because alcohol actually enables the body to make more estrogen. The kidneys are what removes it from the body, and alcohol interferes with this. Avoid soy if possible—it contains isoflavones that raise the estrogen levels in the body while simultaneously lowering testosterone. Tofu, soy milk, and other products like that should be avoided when trying to lower estrogen levels.

Maintain a healthy weight and exercise regularly to also combat the issue. Exercise can lower the amount of fatty tissue on the body that is slowing the metabolism down. One of the most common reasons for estrogen dominance in men is obesity, so maintaining a healthy weight is ideal for regulating hormones.