9 haircuts for men with thinning hair
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Hair loss is a universal problem; many of us experience this heart-breaking event at some point. Will you ever get your hair back to its healthiest stage? A receding hairline makes people vulnerable to emotional stress, despair, and frustration. Self-confidence declines with every strand of hair falling out. The uncalled attention, off-color jokes, and comments on thin hair make some people so self-conscious that they start avoiding social gatherings. 

While hair thinning is a common problem, men are more likely to suffer from the condition compared to women. The scalp becomes more visible as hair starts thinning. The hairline starts moving back, and the hair on top becomes less dense. However, the good news is that even with sparse hair, you can still wear many stylish haircuts. 

In fact, some hairstyles look more appealing on thinner hair than a scalp with thicker and fuller hair. The key is to find the right trim and pull it off in a stylish way to enhance the texture and volume of your hair. This post looks at 9 attractive haircuts for men with thinning hair.

1.) It’s a Hot Mess!

Who says that you cannot pull off a trendy trim with thinning hair? The messy cut is the new cool; this style has a unique appeal to it that makes you feel confident about your hair. With a hot messy hair cut, you don’t need to put in extra efforts to look attractive.

The trim not only covers the front and the top of the hair, but also makes you look “hot.” Men with thin hair can wear a messy hair cut with pride and confidence. It hides the receding hairline in a stylish way, eliminating the insecurities that come with thinning hair.

2.) Classy Crew Cut

Second on our list is the classy crew cut; it is an ideal trim that makes your receding hairline less visible. Crew cuts strike the perfect balance between the temples and the sides of your head. The shorter, thinner sides create the illusion of an even hairline.

Men who prefer longer hair on the top can replace the traditional military-style crew cut with a classy tight haircut. The length of the crew cut allows you to pull off a pompadour-inspired style at the front. In addition, the extra length beefs up the thinner hair giving you some volume. 

3.) Rocking Long Locks

9 attractive haircuts for men with thinning hair

Step up your haircut game with the rocking long locks. Yes, even if you have thinner hair, you can wear a long lock hairstyle with confidence.  Many big celebs, including Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, have rocked the long locks over the years. 

It seems that long locks are back in the trend. Do not shy away from sporting long locks, even if you have less dense hair than your colleague or friend. If you have a receding hairline, you can go for a middle-parted style; not only does it hide the hairline, but it also gives you a great trendy look. 

4.) Wear a Buzz Cut

Don’t confuse the buzz cut with the military cut. Yes, the hair is cut short in both styles, but a buzz cut involves the use of clippers across the entire head. Now, you know why it got a “buzzing” name. People already fighting with thinning or receding hair may find it a risky option. 

However, do not fear as most recently celebs like Zayn Malik have made some noise with their buzz cut. We cannot help but mention how effortlessly David Beckham has pulled off the buzz cut. Since the entire hairline becomes less visible with a buzz cut, it reduces the contrast between your hair and forehead. 

5.) Sport a Faux Hawk

If you are adventurous, the faux hawk is the perfect style to suit your personality. The “chaotic” cut styles the thin hair upwards and tapers them in a faux-hawk style. The natural layers that come with a faux hawk cut create an illusion of fuller and thicker hair. Faux hawk gives a substantial look to your hair with the combination of texture and volume. The Taper Fade adds personality to your hair providing coverage to the forehead. 

6.) Sweep Back a Quiff

9 haircuts for thinning hair men

If you are a “One Direction” fan, then you already know about the long, sweep-back quiff. The credit of bringing the swept-back quiff must go to the boy bands like 1D. The style is suitable for men with thin hair as it makes it easier to hide the effects of the recession. You can easily play with your hair and sweep it over from one side, thereby making the thinning hair less visible.  

7.) Top the game with the Mop Cut

If you don’t want to cut your hair short, a classic mop top is just the perfect cut for covering your thinning hair. Remember how cool Zac Efron and Justin Beiber looked in their teens wearing the mop cut. Even if you are not a teenager anymore, you can still pull off the top mop with grace and class. The best thing about a mop-top cut is that it is manageable with different lengths. Brush it across your forehead or forward to hide the receding hairline.

8.) Embrace a Military Cut

Are you a John Cena fan? Then do not need tell you how sizzling one can look with a military cut. While this hair cut stemmed from the US military, civilians can also embrace this style with pride. The military cut makes you look sharp and attractive. It eliminates the need to hide or cover the receding hairline; rather, you can happily carry the hair cut for life. 

9.) Slick Back Undercut

slick back undercut for men with thinning hair

Last on our list of attractive trims for men with thinning hair is the slick back or undercut. Just like the military cut, slick back gives you the confidence of embracing your hair rather than hiding or covering it up. Undercut makes the thinning hair on the crown less visible. The short sides with slicked-back hair on the top make you look attractive. You can either slick your hair backward or across, whatever makes you happy. 

Although thinning hair can be a pain, there are ways around it. Try these 9 haircuts for men with thinning hair above to spice up your hairstyles. Do not let thinning hair get in your way. If necessary, look in to thinning hair remedies to thicken your hair on the scalp. By combining these tips and the haircuts above, you will be the most styling man in the room.