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We all have goals to get in shape. Perhaps you’re looking for an easy way to do this right in your own home. There are many options for home gym equipment, ranging from very simple and inexpensive methods to more advanced setups that can also be more of an investment. There are also many choices depending on the amount of space you have available. If you would you like to have the ease of the gym right in your own home, keep reading to find out the best equipment for your budget. It doesn’t take a lot to get in shape, as long as you make the commitment to do it. Just a few pieces of equipment can help you to get started. Below you will find the best home gym equipment from simple to more advanced.

Simple and Cheap Home Gym Set Up

There are many options for equipment, depending on your goals. The following highlights some of the most basic, yet cheap workout equipment for home that can help you achieve a full-body workout.

Jump rope


There is good reason boxers prefer this kind of workout. Jump ropes may make you think of the playground in grade school, but they actually give you a great cardio workout, one of the best in fact, that can be done practically anywhere. Jumping rope can burn calories, improve the cardiovascular system, and strengthens almost all of your muscles. Ten minutes of continuous jumps is about the equivalent of 30 minutes of running. Don’t expect to master a lengthy routine right away; it is a tough workout, so it is best to alternate a minute of rest with a minute of jumping in interval training. 

Jump ropes can range in price from $2-$20 depending on the model you wish to purchase. They are also available in models with a little resistance weight added to give you a great workout in half the time.  

Stability Ball

Stability ball

These large, inflated balls offer great workouts for the whole body. Best known as an ab exercise tool, you can also use them for pushups by balancing your shins on the ball; squats by placing the ball between the wall and your back; in place of a bench to perform chest presses or triceps extensions with dumbbells; or simply as a way to improve balance and posture.  

They range in price from $18-$70, so look for a size that’s suited for your height.  

Medicine Balls


These balls are weighted and are on average the size of a soccer ball or basketball. They are a valuable asset for anyone enjoying a machine-free workout. They can range from 2-30 pounds. They are easy to grip and thus great for an ab workout. They can also help you build upper-body power, be used for lunges, squats, sit-ups, and curls. They are available in soft varieties that provide weight but are made of durable leather, so you don’t have to risk broken furniture.

Balls between 4-8 pounds range from $20-$45 per ball.

Chin Up Bar

Chin up bar

These are very useful for limited space and budgets. The bar can be mounted on a wall, or attached to a door from in order to achieve many upper-body strengthening exercises such as chin-ups and pull-ups. They can also be used for ab training.  

Prices are variable between $20-$50 depending on style and any added accessories.

Resistance Bands

Resistance band

Resistance bands provide the ultimate at-home tool for resistance training. They provide multiple uses for mobility exercises, stretches, and other strength training activities.  They are the way to go when on a budget. The bands are lightweight, flexible, and easy to store. They can also supplement any exercise with resistance that adds to its strength-training efficiency. You can get a full workout just using bands.

Prices range from $20-$30 depending on the type of resistance: light, medium, or heavy.



These classic tools can be used in almost any exercise to build total body strength. You can train all of the major muscle groups using them. They are available in traditional styles of single weights, or in more versatile models with adjustable weights.  

Pricing varies by brand, style, and weight; so try out a few types before buying. Expect to spend around $1-$4 per pound, so a single dumbbell weighing 10 pounds might cost between $10-$40.

Sit Up Bench

Sit up bench

This versatile bench can be used for standard exercises, such as lifting weights and ab work, or it can be used to replace the plyometric box—a raised, sturdy platform that ranges in height from 6-42 inches and is used for stepping and jumping exercises.  

Benches can start at $40 for a simple, yet a versatile version of this equipment.

Set of Cones


Weren’t cones always a staple on the elementary recess field, or during phys-ed class? Could you have done anything without a set of cones? Starting with 5 cones, you can set up thousands of different drills. Line up cones in equal distances across a field and you can perform “suicides” by running to the closest cone, back to the start, then to the next cone, and back to the start, and so forth until you have run back and forth from each cone. You can also create a square and practice lateral slides, backpedaling, or running forward as you move around the square formation. There are endless possibilities. They are a must-have for a home fitness setup.

The best part is you can pick up a set for around $10.

Exercise Mat

Exercise mat

It’s true, an exercise mat is not a fitness tool comparable to other items in the list, but it can be considered an essential purchase still. These are especially important for pre—and post—workout stretching, pushups, ab work, or any regular routine requiring using the floor as your platform. They can also allow you to take your workout outside, enabling pushups, lunges, or a plank, without concern to dirt, sticks, or stones.  

They are available in simpler versions starting at $20 and can range up to $50 for more high-quality versions.

More Advanced Home Gym Set-Up

For those ready to invest a little more in their home gym equipment, there are many possibilities that can help you achieve your goals, while providing for various types of workouts. You don’t need a personal trainer to plan a personalized program for you. If you determine your goals, whether it is increased endurance, or strength training, there is something here that can help you on your way to your personalized fitness goals.  

Punching Bags

Punching bag

These are great accessories to provide a cardio routine. Proper time and technique can give you a full-body cardio workout. It is a solid stress reliever as well.  

Ranging from $100-$300, we priced them with the more advanced home gym equipment, simply because it also requires accessories such as gloves, which can also be an investment.

TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX Suspension Trainer

This is a rather new system, enabling you to perform many different types of bodyweight exercises. It was developed by the Navy Seals and is recommended by many famous fitness trainers. It is extremely beneficial as is combines the ability to use both stability and strength motions. It is particularly useful in core training. You can strengthen and also tone all of the muscles groups with the help of this exercise equipment. It can help you work one of the most challenging and largest muscle groups, the lats, which are found in your back. You can also use them for a full-body routine, to push, pull, or press through a series of movement. The straps can be hung from the ceiling, wall, or door, and can be adjusted to help increase stability.

Systems range in price from $150-$350 for the different models and combinations of straps.



Running is by far the most effective type of cardio workout that can train your entire body, improve your cardio system, and helps with weight loss. Many hold the treadmill as the best fitness machine for weight loss. Regular walking, jogging, or running is vital for a healthy lifestyle. There is no question that going out into nature in the fresh air has its immense benefits, but a treadmill can also substitute when this isn’t possible. There are so many models available, it’s important to find the one that best suits your price range and has the features you are looking for.  

Treadmills can range from $300-$2,000 depending on what you are looking for.  

Exercise Bike

Exercise Bike

If running is not your style, then an exercise bike is the solution for your home exercise routine. It helps work out your lower body efficiently as well. They are great for smaller spaces, as they can be quite compact. There is a great variety of models depending on the functions you are looking for. Some provide for different functions that simulate hills or resistance and provide optimal training levels similar to real mountain biking. There is the version called an air bike that creates resistance while you pedal. The harder you pedal, the more the fan will push back and change the resistance at your own pace, making it the best piece of equipment for your home gym. It provides for high-intensity interval training. You can also use the feature to train the upper body by pushing and pulling with your arms, unlike many stationary bike models.

Expect to invest $300-$1,000 on a bike, depending on what you are looking for.  

Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine

These machines are the subjects of much debate in gyms across the nation. Some believe the treadmill is superior; there are many benefits to the elliptical machine. It is a low-impact workout, to begin with. It allows gliding motions that help work up a sweat without throwing the body out of place or causing joint issues and back pain. They allow you to multitask also, so you can read while exercising for example. They can tend to be a little more of an investment, but satisfies customers say they are well worth the cost.

Prices may range from $300 -$2,000.

Rowing Machine

Rowing Machine

A rowing machine can help you improve your fitness level in many ways. They can build or tone muscles, strengthen the cardio system, and help improve endurance. They can also burn calories and aid in weight loss. Rowing is helpful for people with joint or back problems, as it allows very little strain on these areas if the user has proper form. It may be one of the most beneficial cardio machines as it allows the work out of multiple muscle groups at once and can burn calories in a short time.

These machines range from $200-$1,500.


A home fitness system doesn’t need to break the bank. With a few sets of simple equipment—dumbbells, a set of cones, and a jump rope, you could get a full-body workout for less than $100. If you have more aside to invest, there are many amazing machines to help you attain your strength training, cardio, and full-body fitness goals. What is most necessary is motivation and dedication.

You can also learn how to exercise at home by watching motivational fitness videos. We’ve rounded up some excellent YouTube videos for you—HASfit and Lumowell. Happy training and best of luck!


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