how to pick the best vacation islands in florida
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Are you trying to figure out which Florida island you should visit? Read this article to learn about the best vacation islands in Florida.

The post-Christmas blues are officially upon us, meaning that millions of Americans will now be yearning for sunnier shores.

There is no better place to beat the blues than with a trip to Florida, which boasts many of the sunniest destinations in the US, as well as some of the most affordable.

A getaway to one of Florida’s world-renowned vacation islands could be just what you need to start 2020 off the right way. If you’re wondering how to choose the best vacation islands in Florida for your next trip, read on to find out. 

1. Vacation Islands in Florida: The Romantic Getaway in Key Biscayne 

vacation islands in florida

When determining where to vacation on a Florida Island, it’s important to know there is a hotspot for every type of traveler.

If you’re looking to embark on a romantic odyssey with your partner, Key Biscayne, nestled off the coast of Miami, may just be the place for you.

Here you can enjoy tropical views and white sandy beaches, and stroll among crumbling lighthouses and colonial mansions. There are also plenty of romantic restaurants and bistros to spend the night with your beau in. 

2. The Adventure Trip in Sanibel Island

Sanibel Island is definitely the best place to vacation in Florida if you’re in the mood for some nature exploring and adventuring.

Here you can enjoy all-terrain hiking, rare bird-watching, paragliding, and cliff-climbing all in one spot.

What’s more, while Sanibel is off-the-radar for most tourists, it benefits from being one of the most well-connected vacation islands in Florida. There are 6 airports within easy reach of Sanibel, which you can learn more about online. 

3. The Party Vacation in Siesta Key 

If you’re a party animal looking for where to vacation in Florida, Siesta Key may provide all of the hedonism and debauchery you are searching for.

Whilst certainly more low-key than its rowdy neighbors such as Miami Beach and Daytona, Siesta Key is the place where spring break never ends.

Start your evening Ocean Boulevard, working your way through the eclectic bars and clubs until the sun rises over the pink sandy beach. 

4. Total Bliss on Amelia Island 

amelia island

Amelia Island has successfully cultivated a reputation as the best island to vacation on in Florida for those seeking total bliss.

Quiet, serene, and stunningly beautiful, Amelia Island feels like a dream to first-time visitors.

Here you can stay in eco-resorts and embark on a digital detox, putting the stresses of the modern world behind you in true Floridian fashion. 

5. Space-Themed Fun on Merritt Island 

For space superfans looking for a more educational trip, Merritt Island is the best island in Florida.

Home to NASA’s Kennedy Space Center and the location of the most important space launches in history, a weekend on Merritt Island will turn anyone into a cosmos enthusiast.

There’s plenty of space-themed hotel experience to be had on the island, as well as unique guided tours through the Kennedy Center. 

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Choosing the right vacation islands in Florida is only one part of creating the perfect travel experience.

Make sure to consult our detailed Travel Section for all of the expert advice you need to travel well in 2020!