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Along with food, beverages are a staple in keeping us happy and healthy. However, while some might only drink things for health benefits, we can’t deny how certain beverages make us feel and how they influence our mood. No one drinks things like beer or soda for the health benefits, they do it because they enjoy them or enjoy how they influence your mood.

Of course, it is important to make sure you stay healthy and only drink unhealthy beverages every now and then as a treat. Not every beverage that keeps you in a good mood is bad for you. Keep reading to learn more about beverages that will always keep you in a great mood.



Simply put, very few things beat a nice glass of cold water when you are thirsty. Water can make you feel better, can quench thirst and allow you to stay as healthy as possible. In fact, if you were only allowed to drink one thing for the rest of your life, nearly everyone would choose water.

Without water, life would not be able to exist, so it had to appear on our list. Most people drink it every day and while it might not be as tasty or as flavorful as some of the drinks on this list, it is definitely among the most refreshing. While there is nothing included in water to enhance your mood, try drinking it after a long run, workout or sporting event, and you will definitely be a happier person.



Waking up for work and staying engaged and motivated throughout a long work day is not always easy. As a result, many people consume coffee at least once a day to help keep them energized. Because of the caffeine included in coffee, it can give you more motivation, energy and elevate your mood as well.

Whether you decide to go buy your coffee from one of the dozens of coffee shops in your city, or prefer to create your own using a coffee maker you saw on Home Grounds, coffee definitely deserves a spot in this article. Tens of millions of Americans enjoy coffee nearly every day, and many rely on it to get their energy levels where they need to be.


While it is among the most unhealthy items on this list, it is also among the most popular. Despite how bad we know many sodas are for us, millions of people still drink them every day, because of how much they love them and how they make them feel. While drinking soda every day is bad for you, everything is okay in moderation.

So while soda shouldn’t be relied on to improve your mood or energize you all that often, the taste, sugar, and other ingredients can definitely improve your mood, but with a cost. The amount of sugar and other additives in soda can contribute to things like obesity and various diseases, so be smart with how much you drink it.


Beer has been being crafted for thousands and thousands of years, and is still the favorite drink of many people across the world. In addition to tasting pretty good (depending what beer you try), the alcohol also does a good job at improving your mood and upping your happiness a little bit.

Also, few things are as refreshing as a nice cold beer on a hot day out in the sun. Also, with literally hundreds of different kinds and flavors of beer, there is almost certainly something that you will find enjoyable.

Lemonade or Iced Tea

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If you want a refreshing and tasty drink out of a can, but can’t stand the flavor or carbonation of regular sodas like Coke or Pepsi, a can of iced tea or lemonade will do the trick. These can give you the same mood boost that sugar-filled soda can, along with being just as refreshing as fruit juice.

While you might think that they are a lot more healthy than sodas, that might not be the case. There is still a ton of sugar included in these beverages, so you should be sure to limit how much you consume them. Also, you can easily make your own iced tea or lemonade at home, which is generally a little bit better for you.



Just like with beer, there are many different types, kinds and flavors of wine, so you will definitely be able to find something that matches up with your flavor profile. Along with giving you the same mood boost as beer and other alcohols, wine has the unique ability to pair extremely well with certain kinds of food.

Sitting down for a steak dinner is made infinitely better and more enjoyable with a glass of wine, and wine and cheese is world famous for how well it works with one another. While certain wines can be an acquired taste, there are plenty of lighter and less intense flavors for even introductory drinkers.

In conclusion, while they all might not be the best for your health (at least if you drink them a lot), these beverages have millions of loyal drinkers from around the world. Some make you happy because of their taste, because of how they make you feel or even because of what’s inside them. Which are your favorites?