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If you’re like millions of Americans, your days are filled with commuting back and forth to work, answering phone calls, texts, emails, eating dinner late at night, and struggling to find some quality time with family and friends. In a world that expects us to multitask we’re doing more than ever and we rarely get time to stop and “smell the roses”. If you feel the need to slow down and figure out a way to simplify your life, here are a few tips to help you get the most out of life:

Learn to Say “No”

Is your calendar filling up with obligations that you just didn’t have the heart to turn down? Saying “no” can be very difficult in a “yes” world, but declining every now and then can be good for you. For example, if you receive an invite for a neighborhood gathering or Happy Hour with coworkers, but you feel overwhelmed by the laundry or are would rather get caught up on your favorite show, take it as a sign to pass up the invite this one time. Sometimes we all need a little time alone, allow ourselves to “reboot”, ditch multitasking, and get caught up on things we’ve abandoned. Afraid of feeling guilty or that your reason for refusal isn’t good enough? It’s okay to put yourself first every once in awhile.

Slow Down

People, who operate in the fast lane, are more likely to be stressed out and may even be prone to injury or being involved in a car accident. If you move too quickly through life, you’re less likely to notice potential dangers all around you. For example, according to David Resnick & Associates, PC, slip and fall attorney in NYC, some of the most common causes of slip, trip, and injuries occur on an icy sidewalk, an uneven stair tread, a piece of debris, or even spilled liquid on the floor. Busy, fast moving people are often too distracted to look around to notice such hazards. Do you move too fast? Slow down your pace when you walk, take your time when you eat, and ditch your bad habit of driving too fast.

Eat Well & Exercise Often

Food is a necessity and rather than enjoying it, many people chose convenience. Obviously, eating well is good for your physical health, but choosing foods that are good for you (and what you enjoy) can make you feel happier. Rather than plopping down in front of the television with a microwaved dinner, consider preparing a quick and healthy meal, turn on some tunes or join your kids at the table and allow yourself at least 20 minutes to enjoy your meal. Exercise is also an often overlooked necessity. Many busy people think that exercise needs to take place at the gym or in the dark basement on the treadmill, but if you can commit to 30 minutes a day, you’ll feel better. Take a nice stroll around the neighborhood, use the stairs instead of the elevator at work, or do a little weeding in the garden, just do something that you’re likely to enjoy and do often.

“Want” Less

When many people feel unfulfilled with their life or even stressed out, they end up buying stuff they don’t need. While it may be instant gratification, the feeling is often temporary and the end result is more stuff and clutter to manage. Next time you feel the urge to go shopping for nothing in particular, check yourself and see how you feel. Are you hungry? Are you stressed out? Do you need some exercise? What do you need? Take a good look at your life and remind yourself that you have everything that you need (and if you don’t, figure out how you can change). Rather than purchasing more, declutter and get rid of things you don’t need, use, or want anymore. You’re simplifying may make someone else’s day brighter when you donate anything you don’t need.