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As working women, we are tired of feeling tired. But despite having a full schedule that never seems to give us a break, we can still feel 100% charged and ready to take on the day. All we need to do is pay attention to our daily habits. Continue reading below to learn how fight fatigue and stop feeling tired all of the time.

Eat three wholesome meals a day


Wholesome meals, which consist of your classic lean protein sources, healthy fats, and complex carbohydrates, set the foundation for the day’s energy. You always want to opt for wholesome meal choices since they’re full of energizing vitamins and minerals, such as Omega-3 fatty acids which are found in salmon, vitamin B in dark and leafy vegetables like spinach and kale, and magnesium in quinoa.

Even if you eat the healthiest meals, you never want to skip eating one. Doing so causes your blood sugar levels to crash. Avoid overeating either as well: too much food induces drowsiness!

Subsequently, ditch the caffeine and energy drinks. While they provide you with short-term bursts of energy, they have unforgiving crashes that will leave you feeling even more tired than you initially were. Too much caffeine also triggers anxiety and irritability, and no one wants to end their day on that note. But if giving up coffee is unspeakable, the FDA recommends you keep your intake below four cups.

Lastly, if you struggle to get in three meals a day or have an irregular schedule, try meal prepping one day of the week to establish a meal plan for a whole week! That way, you never have to wonder what’s going to be for dinner the moment you come home or which snack is going to help you survive a long afternoon.

Catch some z’s


As an adult woman, you should be getting seven to eight hours of sleep! Make an effort to stay on a consistent sleep schedule if you don’t already have one. During sleep, our bodies go through a restorative cycle called REM sleep. Here, the body rebuilds and repair tissues, recovers from the stress of a previous day, and re-energizes itself so you can wake up rejuvenated. Another tip that helps with sleep is refraining from using technology an hour before bed; two is even better. The blue light in technology tends to throw off your circadian rhythm since it suppresses melatonin, the hormone that enables us to sleep.

Get up and move


Besides a clean and nutritious diet, get up off your chair and move! Don’t succumb to sedentary tendencies; this is especially important if you work in an office or at home. Too much sitting is bad for you; that’s because humans were not built to spend the majority of their lives in a chair. Science has found that sitting too long shortens lifespan, prevents you from burning extra calories, and puts a lot of stress on your back and spine which can cause chronic problems. Exercise can combat these symptoms since it gets your heart pumping and blood flowing, which are necessary for spiking energy and pumping oxygen throughout your body.  

Stay hydrated


The number one culprit for fatigue and tiredness is dehydration. Water is found in every cell in your body because it needs water to function! Otherwise, cognitive functions – such as concentration and memory – weaken, your mood takes a nosedive, the body is unable to transfer nutrients throughout itself, and our blood circulation declines, which prevents oxygen from reaching our muscles.

Manage stress in a healthy way

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Last but not least, manage your stress efficiently with the right coping mechanisms. Stress tends to wear us down both psychologically and physically, so it’s no surprise it’s one of the main factors why we would be so tired. Stress causes tension, and the body gets worn out from holding it in. Therefore, we should choose methods that not only help us relax and reduce the general stress response but those that also maintain our well-being rather than worsen it. For example, some individuals go down the route of harmful coping strategies such as substance abuse in the form of alcohol or recreational drugs, which both put their safety at risk and make their stress worse. You want to choose coping mechanisms that not only ease your stress but also enable you to approach it with a rational and calm state of mind when you’re ready. The best examples of healthy coping mechanisms include journaling, meditation, spending time with loved ones, walking in nature, and reading.

As a girl boss, our busy schedule has the ability to drain us of all our energy and motivation. But as long as we follow the tips mentioned above, we can say goodbye to a lifestyle that was constantly draining in exchange for one that is fulfilling, productive, and full of life and energy.