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Bollywood in Dubai has exploded through a theme park – aptly named Bollywood™ PARKS DUBAI – that can be found at Dubai Parks and Resorts, a big and brilliant brand new entertainment park that houses numerous theme parks, water parks and entertainment complexes (with more to come in the near future). If you are a massive Bollywood fan and would like to indulge in all things Bollywood throughout your vacation, this is the place to be. Here’s why:

First Bollywood-Dedicated Theme Park

Bollywood™ PARKS DUBAI is the first Bollywood themed park in the world dedicated to all things Bollywood and nothing else.

This is very exciting, because you can expect nothing but authentic Bollywood-themed rides and attractions in a magical setting that brings Bollywood to life half way across the world.

Five Exciting ZonesBollywood Dubai Attraction (

The theme park is made up of five exciting zones, each of which includes attractions and shoes that ooze action and adventure, romance and comedy, music and dance and flavour and emotion.

Each of the five zones are inspired by Bollywood blockbusters, and each of them host a number of shows and performances, and include flamboyant cinematic rides and experiences.


The five zones are:

  • Rustic Ravine – Representing the village landscape of Rural India, this zone will transport you and your friends or family to middle India where you can experience the authentic hustle and bustle that it’s so well known for.
  • Mumbai Chowk – here you can meet a little piece of Mumbai, the city of dreams, glamour and the home of Bollywood. Mumbai Chowk was inspired by the modern classic Don and brings alive the soul of Mumbai, an electric city.
  • Bollywood Boulevard – home to entertainment, cafes, street-style food carts and shops filled with all sorts of amazing products, this is the zone to where you can indulge in an array of activities, entertainment and fill your stomach.
  • Royal Plaza – when you step into the Royal Plaza, it transports you into a completely different era, an era of opulence and splendour like you have never seen before. Royal Plaza’s main attraction is the Rajmahal Theatre, an iconic landmark that stands tall and elengant.
  • Bollywood Film Studio featuring Hall of Heroes – Another zone filled to the brim with exciting entertainment, cafés serving delicious eats and retail outlets, make sure you try out some Indian cuisine and buy yourself something nice before the day is through!

Attractions Galore

Each zone is home to their very own selection of Bollywood-themed attractions, ensuring that those who choose to visit the park are entertained from the moment they walk through the gates.

Some of the most popular attraction include:

  • Don: The Chase – an immersive 3D media tunnel rides that takes viewers on an exciting chase with Interpol agents as they try to catch the mafia boss, Don, who is on the run in the city.
  • Rock On!! – although it is a restaurant, Rock On!! celebrates the movie’s dynamic band Magik by performing some of their most captivating music.
  • Debangg: Stunt Spectacular Show – get ready to witness some of the greatest action live! From Bollywood songs to explosive spectacles, this amazing show is set in an abandoned warehouse and will have you jumping out of your seat.

This amazing theme parks bring all the best Bollywood to life in one of the most spectacular cities in the world.