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Hate Cooking? Here are 8 Ways to Still Eat Healthy

Are you one of those who hardly enters the kitchen and considers cooking to be nothing but a time-consuming chore? Yes, you love to eat but when it comes to cooking, the truth is that you cannot cook to survive.

Thanks to your aversion to cooking, you end up eating out or ordering in most of the times which can take you farther away from those perfect abs you are gunning for. Let’s face it, you cannot live on pizzas and burgers all your life, how much ever you wanted to. So, here are 8 tips to eat healthy without having to spend too much time in the kitchen that will help you take a step forward towards a healthier lifestyle –

No-Cook Meals

Yes, such a concept exists! From interesting salads, sandwiches to even no-bake desserts, there are meals that don’t need you to turn on the stove and go through the entire drill. No-cook meals are healthy, quick, delicious and most importantly, extremely simple to put together.

From tuna sandwich and stuffed avocados to gazpacho and homemade energy bars – there is a quick no-cook meal for every time of the day and night. So, do some research, plan your no-cook meals in advance and indulge in some healthy eating instead.

Cook Simple

While no-cook meals are great, you are bound to want change once in a while. For starters, why not start simple and try your hand at those easy-to-cook recipes? They get prepped in minutes and what’s more, they don’t create too much of a mess in the kitchen as well. These recipes usually include pre-cooked ingredients and can be cooked in just 3 – 4 steps.

Put your apprehensions to rest, walk into that kitchen and prepare something for yourself. For all you know, these simple recipes will build your interest in cooking and give you the confidence to experiment with the more complex ones later.

Batch Cooking

How about dedicating one day to cooking meals for the rest of the week? We know it sounds horrifying to you but once you make a start, you are certain to see a shift in your eating habits. Instead of having to worry about what to cook next and end up ordering in instead, batch cooking ensures you have ready, homemade meals available whenever you need them.

Just ensure you freezer is clear, and you have enough storage containers to freeze your cooked meals. Don’t make the mistake of preparing meals way in advance because that might lead to food wastage.

Smart Kitchen Tools

Did you know that investing in smart kitchen tools and appliances can decrease your hours in the kitchen and ease out the process? Yes, we are talking about pressure cookers, crock pots, food processors and more that make cooking a breeze.

So next time you need to cook something, turn to your crock pot, add in all the ingredients and let it get cooked on its own!

Find a Cooking Buddy

It is always a good idea to find a partner for doing things you dislike – whether it’s going to the gym, or even cooking!

When you decide to explore cooking with someone else, it is sure to be more interesting. You tend to learn more and have fun while at it. This is a good way to get rid of your preconceived notions about cooking and learn this important, lifelong skill.

Healthy Smoothies

Okay so you are still not convinced and refuse to try your hand at cooking. Well, don’t lose hope – we have some more healthy eating hacks that can help you remain fit.

Everyone loves smoothies, don’t they? They are the easiest way to get the much-needed nutrients, especially when you hate cooking. Smoothies are a favorite because they are nutritious, quick to make and tasty. So, put in those leafy vegetables, fruits, and everything that you need to put together a healthy blend and make it part of your daily meal routine. One healthy smoothie a day and you’re sorted!

Snack Smart

Doctors recommend having meals in regular intervals to keep a check on your weight. No, this does not mean snacking on a packet of potato chips or pretzels when you feel like it. As someone who does not end up eating homemade meals as much, it is important to snack smart and only stick to healthy options.

Some examples of healthy snacks are dry fruits, yoghurt, oatmeal, fruits, kale chips and more such food items with high nutritional value. Snacks are mini-meals that prevent you from overeating and reduce your overall calorie intake in the day, so ensure you have religiously them between meals.

Healthy Dining Out

When you step out to eat, while you may be tempted to order a burger or fried chicken, you need to consciously make healthier choices. Pick restaurants that have healthy options and once there, opt for the soups, salads and baked or grilled dishes that are far healthier than the fried ones.

A smart tip to keep in mind while dining out is controlling portions. You can do so by asking for a smaller plate or sharing your dish with someone else – that way you eat appropriate proportions and don’t go overboard. Lastly, avoid having desserts because they contain processed sugars which are better left out of your diet.

Just because you hate cooking does not mean you will only have to make do with salads and soups all your life. With these 8 useful tips, you can find the fun in cooking and maintain your health at the same time. So, start today and you never know, you might begin to enjoy cooking before you know it!

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