how to set fitness goals that arent beyond yourself

How to Set Fitness Goals That Aren’t Beyond You

Goal setting is an effective way to get the most out of your fitness routine. Here's how to set fitness goals that...
lose weight scale

Best Fat Freezing Treatments

I always have to give credit to people who lose weight. Let’s be honest, losing weight can be such a process and...
Workout routine

4 Tips for Improving Your Pre Workout Routine

Lifting weights is not only good for your health, but it's an activity that many people love to do. Unfortunately, not many people know...
Working out girl

Does Working Out REALLY Increase Testosterone?

Are you looking to get ‘beach body ready’ by burning fat and building muscle? If so, it’s time to hit the gym, step up your...

Gym Intimidation When You’re A Complete Gym Newbie

Having to go the gym to get back in shape is like a catch-22 – you got to go to the gym to get...

5 Ways to Exercise on a Low Carb Diet for Better Performance

The low carb diet is a great way to lose weight, boost energy, and more. However, those first few weeks can be quite the...
Yoga for Weight Loss and Toning

6 Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

Have you ever noticed how people who do yoga or meditate regularly often get to a point where they can’t stop talking about how...

Fitness On-the-Go: Eight Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

Some women consider travel days to be “cheat days” during which it’s okay to skip normal fitness and diet routines. For the occasional traveler,...

How Yoga Can Make You a Better Runner

There is something dynamically paradoxical to yoga and running. One seems so relaxed, mindful, gentle, and flowing; and the other, fast-paced, pounding, and rhythmic....

Switch It Up: How to Beat Winter Workout Boredom

Leaves are changing (or have already fallen), sweaters are being unearthed, and bikinis have been safely tucked away until spring, when we’ll try them...

6 Proven Ways to Keep Your Workout Motivation

It’s always the same old story – every Sunday night you are pumped on the idea of starting a whole new life come Monday...
Physical Performance and Stamina

Improve Physical Performance and Stamina with these Easy Steps

Shape, size, and strength are the major reasons why people, especially men, workout and use a lot of supplements. A perfect, well-chiseled figure is...
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