Magnetic zen garden

11 Best Stress Relief Toys and Gadgets to Beat Stress and Anxiety

People have always fidgeted and toyed with items they happen to find laying around to relieve stress. Fidgeting is an inherent human habit. Sometime in the last...
Easy Guide to Meditation

A Quick and Easy Guide to Meditation for Relaxation and Sleep

Insomnia is closely linked to anxiety. The more sleep-deprived you are, the more anxious you’ll be, and the harder it’ll be for you to get some sleep....

5 Brain Boosting Herbs for Better Memory and Concentration

Everyone goes through some forgetful episodes at some point in their life. If you are simply tired, didn’t sleep very well at night, are on a strict...
A man in a nice suit

10 Things to Do To Start Feeling Like a Man

Times are changing and so too are the characteristics of being feminine or masculine. In a time where women are doing most of the same things as...
10 Life Changing Tips to Stop Being Lazy and Depressed

10 Life Changing Tips to Stop Being Lazy and Depressed

What are you supposed to do when simply getting off of the couch seems like a struggle, and you don't even know when the last time you...
10 Easy Steps to Stop Being Nervous

10 Easy Steps to Stop Being Nervous

It is a normal reaction that stems from the results of physiological and psychological factors. Are you someone that finds it extremely difficult to control their anxieties...
napping 101

Napping 101: Napping to De-Stress for the Holidays

While this may be the hap-happiest season of all, it also tends to be one of the busiest. Whether you’re planning a big family get together, or...
10 unusual ways to improve sleep patterns

10 Unusual Ways to Improve Sleep Patterns

We all need sleep, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Finding the right trick that works for you can be difficult, but sometimes the solutions...
How to Use the Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique

How to Use the Wake Induced Lucid Dreaming Technique

Lucid dreaming is the act of being consciously aware while you are in a dream state. You have most likely experienced one of these in your lifetime,...
10 Life Hacks to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

10 Life Hacks to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Around one in thirteen people suffer from anxiety globally. In the United States alone anxiety affects forty million of the population. These are only statistics, but what...
16 new approaches to mental health

Mental Health: 16 New Approaches In 2016

For those of us with mental illnesses, 2016 may seem like just another year for disappointments, failures and could-have-been’s. However, there are many doctors and researchers who...

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Coconut oil for skin rash

8 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Skin Rashes

There are quite a few skin conditions that many people suffer from. Dryness, oiliness and irritation all speak to how sensitive our skin can...