how personal trainers can help their clients eat healthier
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As a personal trainer, you can offer a support system for your clients and be their biggest cheerleader as they work towards their health and fitness goals. While a big part of personal training has to do with helping your clients exercise better, another part that should not be overlooked is proper eating habits. You can help your clients learn how to better fuel their bodies for success so they’re able to reach their goals sooner. Keep reading to learn more about how personal trainers can help their clients eat healthier.

Stick to the National Nutritional Guidelines When Educating Clients

stick to the national nutritional guidelines when educating clients

Many people don’t think about what they’re putting in their bodies. By educating based on the National nutritional guidelines, you can make sure that your clients have the tools and knowledge that they need to be successful. They will begin to think about what they’re eating and how they can better meet nutritional guidelines by making different choices.

Ask Clients to Track Their Eating

ask clients to track their eating

In order to help your clients make better choices, you want to first understand their current habits and food practices. Understanding what they’re eating, snacking on, and drinking can make a big difference. To better help your clients, ask them to track their eating habits. Take a look at their diary after a few days and then compare week by week to see how they’re progressing. You can make suggestions as you see fit! This will be a great tool for them to learn, too.

Make Lifestyle Changes

make lifestyle changes

A crash diet won’t get your clients very far. They may experience weight loss and a smaller number on the scale for a few weeks, but it won’t last forever. By teaching your clients to make lifestyle changes and to help them see the journey not as a diet, you can help them be more successful.

Encourage Meal Prep and Planning

encourage meal prep and planning

With a proper plan in place, your clients can make sure that they stick to their goals. Teaching your clients to plan out their meals when grocery shopping is a must. You can also encourage them to prep at least a couple of their meals each week, to save time and make it easier to grab and go as they start their day. With time, it will become habit to plan and prep meals and snacks.

As a personal trainer, it’s always a smart idea to carry the proper insurance. Personal trainer insurance can serve you well in the event that any of your clients have issues with your professional advice or the services that you offer. If you need insurance, make sure that you buy the best personal trainer insurance to protect yourself.

Even if you’re not a nutritionist, you can make a difference and help your clients make smarter food and nutrition choices so they’re able to reach their goals. Be sure to consider some of the above ways to help your clients eat healthier and learn new food habits. You can be a valuable resource and can help your clients change their lives for the better!