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Eating healthy can often be associated with consuming a diet full of organic foods. Free from pesticides, organic food is a safe food choice that’s become incredibly high in demand among health-conscious families and singles looking to live a fit lifestyle. But with the high demand and more expensive production cost, sticking to an affordable budget when eating organic can be difficult. Here are several tips on getting the most out of your money and how to afford organic foods on a budget.

Grow Your Own


A number of options are available in growing your own food. Whether you own some land and are able to plant your own fruits and vegetables, participate in a community gardening plot, or container garden on your balcony or porch, there are many ways to produce your own organic produce.

Hit Up the Local Farmer’s Market

Local farmer market

The farmer’s market is a great place to find a variety of in-season fruits and vegetables. You can find many organic choices at budget-friendly prices while shopping in a friendly community atmosphere.

Buy in Bulk

If your grocery store offers food in bulk quantities, seek out the organic options. They are often cheaper than buying food in-box and allow you to get a usable quantity without overpaying for excess you won’t use. A wonderful and economical for buying organic meat is to check out what local ranchers are offering for sale. Often you can buy whole sides of beef, whole chickens, or pork and a discounted bulk cost.

Buy Seasonal

Different fruits and vegetables grow at different times throughout the year. When their harvest season is in full swing, the cost of the product goes down significantly. This is a great time to stock up on your favorite produce and make use of your freezer buy portioning out the extra fruit and freezing it. You can then enjoy it when it’s prime season has passed and it’s overly expensive or not available in grocery stores. Another great option for preserving bulk purchases of produce is canning. It can be a low-cost option that enables you to stock up your favorite seasonal fruits and veggies quickly and efficiently.

Clip Coupons

Many online sites offer a numerous amount of coupons for organic food, helping you to save a significant amount of money in the long run. Online retailers of organic food products and supplements also may offer their own deals and coupons, like Organifi’s Coupon Cause. This allows you a fast and easy way to get quality organic nutrition at a great price.

Don’t Disregard Generic Brand Organic Options

In response to the increased demand for organic food, many grocery stores have created their own options with the generic store brand they carry. Since all certified organic foods pass the same standards and wear the same sticker or stamp, the cheaper generic brands offer the same promises as those you may find at a specialty organic store for a much greater cost. Don’t let the stigma of “buying generic” dissuade you from taking up a great deal and keeping more money in your pocket.


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