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Diabetes is considered as one of the serious illness of these days which bring so many health complications. You need to have proper management of diabetes so that it cannot ruin your life and deteriorate health. If you are at increased risk of type II diabetes you need to get proper tests at frequent intervals for early diagnosis. There are no proper symptoms of type II diabetes and only a blood sugar test will help in the early diagnosis of the disease. The key to prevent diabetes and many heart related diseases is to eat a healthy and well balanced diet and staying active physically. People who exercise regularly are at less risk of developing such diseases. Below you can find out how to lower A1C levels in a healthy way and without meds.

The A1C test

It is a type of blood test which is taken to find out the occurrence of type II diabetes. If already diagnosed you can also get a chance to check how well and efficiently you are dealing with your diabetes. An average level of blood sugar of a person is determined with the help of A1C test and is generally taken after every three months. Percentage is used often to report the number. High percentage indicates high glucose level in the blood; it is also an indication of certain diabetes related health concerns.

What is determined by A1C test?

The A1C is often used to diagnose and manage diabetes. Both diabetes type I and II can be diagnosed with the help of this test. It can also predict the chances of someone to get diabetes in future. The attachment of blood sugar or glucose with hemoglobin is measured with the help of red blood cells. Higher values of A1C represent more glucose attachment to hemoglobin. The test has certain merits over other diabetes tests as it doesn’t need fasting hours and provides a complete picture of blood glucose over the period of weeks; also it is possible to take this test any time a day. The administration of this test is therefore easy and it leads to exact diagnosis.

A1C test scores

A1C test scores

The normal score for A1C test is 5.7 % while the score ranging from 5.7 to 6.4 is an indication of pre-diabetes. The pre diabetes is an indication that a person is more likely to develop this illness in the coming ten years. On the other hand, there are good news as well that you can prevent or delay the illness by taking certain steps. Get yourself tested every year if you have a positive A1C test.

Lowering A1C score naturally?


There are some essential changes which can result in lowering of A1C levels in the blood. At first, you need to change your lifestyle, dietary habits, self medication and schedule of exercise. Here are some easy ways which can help you to lower the A1C level naturally.

Make a proper plan


To manage your diabetes you need to stock your goals and challenges. With a proper diabetes management plan you can get rid of excessive weight. Take a planning worksheet and stock your challenges while dealing with diabetes. With the help of this plan you will be able to figure out what your bigger challenges are such as dealing with stress, weight loss, dietary changes etc. You can set a goal for you and also suggest some steps which can make your goals easier to be achieved.

Plan a medical management of diabetes


You need to make a complete plan regarding diabetes management with your health care provider. You need to add targeted level of blood glucose, list of medicines and emergency contact numbers etc. Your doctor will also recommend the date of next tests for you.

Meal Tracking

Track your meals and everyday eating menus. Make use of internet to find out when and what to eat. You can monitor the intake of carbohydrates in your diet and manage the blood glucose level easily.

Eat a well balanced diet

Healthy meal

The key is to take in lesser calories and burn more. Other important features are eating less saturated fat and limiting the intake of processed food and trans fats. Most of the people avoid healthy carbs in struggle to lose their weight which is not recommended at all. To fulfill your everyday diet pattern, you can use various vegetables and nuts etc. Trans fats are most dangerous fats for heart and diabetic patients, try to avoid fried and preserved food as it is generally rich in trans fats.

Goals regarding weight loss

Weight loss

Weight loss is always considered important in the management of diabetes. With a diet rich in carbohydrates you cannot manage your diabetes. Once diagnosed or at risk, you need to make changes in diet or lifestyle. Eating low carb diet is a key along with limiting the intake of fat rich diet. You need to have a calorie counter to make the choice of food easier. It has been proven scientifically that by 10% reduction in the weight of a body the chances of diabetes reduce by as much as 58%. Hence even if you are losing a little weight, it can make a huge difference in the end. So never give up and follow the strict diet control plan.

Stay physically active


Obesity is related to excessive intake of food and staying idle for a long time. One of the best and most effective ways to reduce the level of A1C in the body is to increase your physical activity. You can start with a walk of 20-30 minutes preferably after lunch. With this increase the activity minutes to about 150 minutes/ week to rule out the risk of diabetes. If you want to start strenuous exercise you need to talk to your health care provider. Hence, if you are diagnosed with diabetes or you feel at increased risk of diabetes, stay active physically as this is a natural way to burn calories and bring the A1C level down.