How to stay cool this summer
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This summer is proving to be extraordinary. No, your crush will not ask you out anytime soon nor will you find an old treasure map. Extraordinary because it seems like summer is trying to kill us, well figuratively. Here’s more on how to stay cool in the summer.

According to weather experts, the summer of 2016 will have more 90-degree days than usual. The summer outlook from NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) looks pretty grim for beach goers, outdoor lovers, and sunscreen haters.

But hey, that shouldn’t stop you from having a good time, right?

Of course! Summer is meant to be the season for having fun and doing whatever you want as long as it’s legal and safe.

But this time around, we need to be extra careful with our summer activities. Extreme heat conditions can really do a number on our bodies and even our material possessions. Extreme heat can result to heat strokes, dehydration, heat rash, muscle cramps, and even death! That’s why the National Weather Service releases weather alerts every now and then especially when the temperature reaches dangerous levels.

How to Beat the Summer Heat

So now we go to the important part. How can we possibly enjoy the summer without collapsing in the pavement or turning to into last week’s burnt toast?

Well, simple. When it gets too hot, you have to cool down.

Sounds simple, right? It’s because it is. People should learn how to lower their body temperatures during extreme heat conditions. This does not mean holing up in your air-conditioned rooms all summer. Where’s the fun in that?

So let’s try to have a run down of the things you can do to cool yourself down for the summer.

  1. Take a cold shower – When it gets pretty hot outside, taking a shower more often is a good way to cool down. It lowers your body temperature and it also rinses off the sweat from your body. A word of caution though, showering too much might do you more harm than good.
  2. Eat spicy – While eating atomic wings, spicy burgers, or tempting hot pepper relish might sound like a bad idea in summer, experts claim otherwise. According to Luke Laborde, a professor of food science in Penn State University, eating spicy food may actually help you cool down by increasing blood circulation and making you sweat. When sweat dries, it cools you off. While they do feel hot to the tongue, they don’t really increase your body temperature.
  3. Drink (or spray) some tea – In summers with extreme heat, drinking tea should not only be a thing for rich Hollywood snobs. A cup of Chrysantemum tea can help lower your body temperature while spraying Peppermint tea on your skin can give you that refreshed feeling.
  4. Schedule your activities – While I may sound like your mom on a Sunday, you should understand that playing tag at noon is a surefire way to get yourself dehydrated. Take advantage of the “cooler” parts of the day such as morning and late afternoon for your events. If you can’t change the schedule, find a way to lessen the amount of activities you do when the sun is in its peak.
  5. Lessen your coffee and alcohol intake – Alright, what I will say might upset the whole country of Finland but you should lessen your coffee (due to the caffeine) and alcohol intake during extreme heat. They promote dehydration which can result to cramps or a heat stroke.

Last thing you need to do is to have common sense. I know it’s nice to go out and enjoy the sun but you have to understand that your body can only take so much. If it’s too hot outside, stay indoors. If you feel like you are getting weaker, drink water. You can still enjoy this summer but you just have to be informed of what you should and should not do. After all, summer is for fun, right?