Physical Performance and Stamina
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Shape, size, and strength are the major reasons why people, especially men, workout and use a lot of supplements. A perfect, well-chiseled figure is quite the goal for fitness buffs, but not everyone is able to attain it. Losing body fat, as well as having that strength, which translates to stamina in terms of physical performance is also among the common goals not only of bodybuilders but also of any man. Who wouldn’t want to be in perfect shape and physically able to perform strenuous activities? Strength is the determining character of most men. So we have compiled this list of tips on how a man can improve his physical performance and stamina with these easy steps.

Eat Beets and Leafy Greens

Beets, as well as its juice, are abundant in nitrates that can help improve cardiovascular health. It has been gaining popularity due to its remarkable ability to improve athletic performance and regulate blood pressure. Although most vegetables contain an amount of nitrates, beets and leafy greens such as spinach, celery, parsley, fennel, and leeks have been found to be more abundant in nitrates compared to other food sources. The improvement in cardiovascular health can affect the effectiveness and stamina of training. It also goes to show that with a poor cardiovascular health, the body can expect poor results in terms of physical performance and stamina.

Stay Hydrated

Drinking water has been known to give health benefits. It is a physical necessity to drink water. The body is composed of approximately two-thirds to three-quarters of water, varying with respect to gender, lifestyle, and diet. That significant fact alone can pinpoint to a human being’s need to drink water and stay hydrated on a daily basis. When a bodybuilder or any type of person is working out or doing some sort of rigorous physical activity, the physical strain, as well as effort, is much more than when the body is stationary, hence the need to stay hydrated. Exerting strength leads the body to lose not only water but also electrolytes composed of salts, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.

Therefore, it goes to show that if you are aiming for stamina and improvement in the arena of physical training,  hydration does not only serve as a tip for improvement but also as a necessity. This specific hydration does not only refer to the replenishment of water but also of the electrolytes that the body sweats out during training. 500-800 mL of water per hour is the usual recommended intake. However, this amount may vary depending on the body type, size, height, and gender. Aside from plain water, you can also opt for drinks sold in local groceries such Powerade, Gatorade, Pocari Sweat. And if you are luckier and live in the tropics, try drinking coconut water. It will offer your body not only water but also the electrolytes that your body needs to replenish in order to boost stamina.


Take Adaptogens that Provide Added Benefits

Whether the body is exerting physical effort, under a grueling mental examination, or on the verge of an emotionally stressful situation, adaptogens prove to be useful by normalizing the body’s reactions to these stressful circumstances. And situations that are stressful are not uncommon. It happens on a day to day basis, hence, adaptogens can be used for any of these targeted situations. This also includes physical performance. One’s physical performance and ability may be affected by muscle stress as well as the speed of muscular recovery. Taking adaptogens such as Tongkat Ali (Eurycoma longifolia) or Maca Root can help the body adapt and bounce back from any of these stressful circumstances. The good thing about these specific adaptogens is that not only do they support recovery and stress normalization; they also support the body’s ability to perform effectively. In the case of Tongkat Ali, it increases testosterone levels, which may be quite beneficial in terms of physical activities and endurance.

A Cup of Coffee or Not

There might be a bit of confusion to this one which needs to be cleared up. During a physical workout, a form of starch called glycogen is being used by the body for energy. When this gets depleted, the body feels quite drained. Coffee, as well as a lot of other drinks, contains caffeine which slows glycogen depletion by letting the body make use of fat as energy. As an added bonus, caffeine may also improve muscle contraction for longer periods, giving the body more stamina during a workout. While this might be quite useful in itself, studies also suggest that this works more for those who do not drink huge amounts of coffee on a regular basis. Since coffee is also a stimulant, it may also entail potential side-effects such as anxiety and increased heart rate. Consuming more than 4 to 5 cups can decrease the positive effects instead of improving them. So the bottom line for this is that coffee and caffeinated drinks can help improve stamina and strength provided that the body does not develop tolerance to caffeine. What would actually make it more effective is to drink less coffee and, perhaps, to not drink coffee at all on a regular basis. Instead, drink caffeinated drinks before a workout session.

Sufficient Sleep

Just like getting hydrated, getting sufficient sleep is necessary for the body to perform well. This does not single out anyone. Whether you are an athlete or a person working in the office, sleep is the time when your body recharges itself and allows it to recover. This is when your body absorbs most of the nutrients you take. This is also when your sore muscles recover. Working out requires the body to exert strength. Therefore, most of the muscles are in action. As a result, the muscle also gets exhausted. Sleeping provides the relaxation and the recovery time that the body ultimately needs. The more your body exerts effort, the more your body has a need to recharge and recover. So set aside for some nap or make sure your evening sleep makes you relaxed. You will need it for the next workout session.

Align Your Diet to Your Physical Goals

Food serves as your body’s energy fuel. A healthy diet keeps the body healthy, increasing your stamina and energy. Try to eat a low-fat diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean meats, as well as carbohydrates for the energy you need. Endurance athletes also require a lot of protein. Whether you have a paleo, gluten-free, or low-fat diet, you will need protein because the body turns to protein for energy when it is working out. It also repairs and maintains your muscles that are working hard when you are working out.


You can create a long list of tips that can help improve your stamina but if you do not test it and put your stamina to the test, then it simply doesn’t work. In the same way that you cannot just visualize your way into being a great pianist, it will also be hard to attain stamina by not performing physically. So start doing some exercise. It is not only limited to weight lifting. The common misconception when it comes to physical performance and stamina is that exercise should only be weight-lifting. Well, that is a good course to follow. But what about those who are starting out but are not yet in that strength level of being able to lift tons of weight? Cardiovascular exercises such as aerobics, biking, dancing, and running are exercise options for you to consider. And thankfully, these exercises too will gradually increase your stamina. Strength-building exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups also increase your muscular strength and stamina over time. A mix of both will be a good exercise routine. Some people push forward so fast but it is advisable to err on the side of caution especially when you are starting out. Eventually, with consistent exercise, you will improve.

Improvement in stamina and physical performance is something that everyone can benefit from. Whether you are an athlete or a student, these tips can help improve your day to day lives. Whether your goal is to fight stress, be healthy, or be as chiseled and buff as much as possible, these measures will bring you closer to more strength and stamina for a better body and better life.