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Kiierr Laser Cap Product Overview

In this post we will share our detailed Kiierr Laser Cap Review, including a comprehensive review of the Kiierr272Premier laser cap model so you can see the pros, cons and ultimately see decide if it’s the best fit for you.

The important summary features of the Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap are as follows:

  • FDA-cleared for both women and men
  • Uses only medical grade laser diodes (lasers are a more focused light source proven far superior to other light sources including cheaper LED’s for maximum hair growth).
  • Increased hair growth/thickness
  • Strong & Durable Build
  • Fantastic Money-back guarantee period (7-months)
  • Excellent free manufacture warranty period (2-yrs)
  • For the price and results – great option!
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The Kiierr272Premier laser cap is an FDA-cleared medical device, so you are assured that it’s safe and effective to use. What I love about it when I first began my laser therapy sessions was that it was extremely comfortable and fits perfectly on my head. It is well-made, with strength and durability to last for many sessions (rated for upwards of 20,000 hours of use).

Instead of cheaper (less productive) LED lights, the Kiierr272Premier cap uses only medical grade laser diodes. This red laser light helps stimulate new hair regrowth by increasing blood flow, proteins and collagen to the follicles under the scalp surface. The wavelength of the laser light is 650 nanometers which has proven ideal for max hair follicle stimulation for increased growth/thickness.

The portable nature of the Kiierr laser cap (comes with a rechargeable battery pack clip worn on your waist) allows you to comfortably perform household chores while performing your treatment; and the light weight (approx. 1 pound) design makes it extremely comfortable for the recommended 30 minute treatment period every other day.

You can even travel out of your home to perform your daily tasks with its easy, portable design. Kiierr even offers a great laser cap carrying case if your the traveling type who doesn’t want to miss a treatment.

The Kiierr laser cap operation is simple. Simply place the cap on your head, clip the portable battery pack to your waist, press the power on button once and that’s it! The cap even uses audible beeps at 10 min intervals to let you know how far you are in your treatment and will turn itself off after the 30 minute treatment time so you don’t have to worry about time tracking. You will use this cap just 30 minutes every other day until achieving your desired results.

Results Overview

As for the results of the Kiierr272Premier laser cap, you’ll typically begin to experience a modest change after the first months of use. Not only may you start seeing thicker, healthier hair in your thinner spots, but likely more texture and luster as well. All in all, the Kiierr272Premier Laser Hair Growth System is definitely a great-buy.

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You should know that conservatively it takes time for your hair to grow using laser caps, so don’t expect an overnight miracle. We advise you take pictures of your hair before you start and after to keep track of the hair growth. You should use the Kiierr272Premier laser cap for 30 minutes every other day to achieve best results. Because the device is portable, there will be no problem wearing it for that amount of time, including at home or outside while working.


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