How to increase libido
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Whether you have sex regularly or not at all, your body has a naturally occurring state called a libido. Your libido can rise and fall on regular or irregular patterns. If you have a lower libido, it might be damaging and limit the amount of intimacy you share with your partner. Raising your libido can be done in many different ways and can help create a stronger relationship. Depending on how strong and how quickly you need to increase your sex drive will help you choose which option is best. Here are eight lifestyle habits to supercharge your libido.

Have Some Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most common food choices meant to stimulate your libido. The chocolate will help your brain release the hormones that make you feel happy and aroused. The sugar and caffeine levels in the chocolate will also provide the energy you need to perform.

Cut Back on the Booze

While you can definitely have a glass or two of wine to help set the mood, having too much alcohol can ruin it. Too much alcohol can lead to lowered cognition, impotence in men and loss of consent and feeling. Have enough alcohol just to help you relax and forget the day’s stressors. If you do want to drink, choose an alcohol that isn’t beer. Beer ingredients cause estrogen to form in your body, which will cause a lowered sex drive.

Boost Testosterone

Unfortunately, one of the side effects of prescription medicines is a lowered sex drive. Medicines for mood disorders and even birth control can change how your hormones are released in your body. This is because of the lowered testosterone levels. You can raise testosterone levels naturally by drinking herbal teas instead of coffee or adding a supplement into your day.  One of the most popular supplements you can try is ZMA, which stands for zinc, magnesium and B6. This combination will increase your testosterone levels.

Sleep More

If you’re extremely busy with work, then you’re going to be too tired for sex. Working and taking care of household responsibilities can be draining and make you exhausted. Aim for having a full night’s rest of at least 7 hours, as that will help boost not only your daily energy but also your libido.

Make a Date

If you really want to set the mood, make a date with your partner. Set aside for both of you to really spend some private time reconnecting with each other. No phones or social media needed; just focus on igniting the private spark in your bedroom.  It might also help to plan a time specifically for sex. Much like any other meeting, having a specific time can help create positive feelings of anticipation.

Try an Aphrodisiac

There are certain foods that will increase your libido after you eat them. Aphrodisiac foods like avocados, clams and figs can raise your sex drive. While the effects are mostly stimulated mentally, these foods increase your blood flow and make it easier to feel aroused.

Try Roleplaying

Adding a fantasy or costume can definitely help improve your libido. Talk about your sexual desires and ask about your partner’s in order to find out what is stimulating. Use your imagination and remember that you don’t have to stick to every little detail in your fantasies.

Try Mediation

If you can’t relax or control your thoughts, it’s hard to get into any kind of romantic mood. Extreme stress will have negative effects on your libido. Use yoga or meditation to calm your mental state so that you can enjoy physical pleasures and an increased libido without being distracted.

Knowing what a healthy level of sex for your lifestyle will be something that can be talked through with a medical professional. But there are certain little tricks you can try on your own to improve your sex life. Being open with your communication, adding supplements or specialty foods and playing a character can all boost your sexual desire. Be patient and let these feelings develop naturally. Supercharging your libido can mean better sex and a better way to release stress, tension and also a way to share more intimate moments with your partner.