napping 101
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While this may be the hap-happiest season of all, it also tends to be one of the busiest. Whether you’re planning a big family get together, or shopping for a secret-santa gift for that person at the office you’ve spoken to once, holiday stress can wear down even the jolliest soul. So what can you do to de-stress and get back in the holiday spirit? Learn more about napping 101 below.

One of the best solutions for de-stressing during the holidays is to take take a nap. Getting some extra rest can help reduce stress and anxiety, improve memory, and even help explore your productive side. But don’t go oversleeping or that nap could be counter productive. To see some tips for the perfect holiday nap, check out this graphic put together by the sleep experts over at Casper, makers of the latex memory foam mattress in a box. So lay down, shut your eyes, and let visions of sugar plums wash away your holiday stress. You will find napping 101 in the graphic next:

Napping 101