Manuka honey spoon dipped in golden liquid natural superfood on wooden background.
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Honey is well-known for its wound-healing properties. If a person got burned or inflicted with pains caused by a wound, the typical old approach is to first aid the injury with natural alternatives. The most potent honey like Manuka can remedy antibacterial infections that generally occurs in hospitals and nursing homes. It is not recent that people buy Manuka Honey as natural ointments for skin problems and wounds of all kinds. Keep reading to find out the scientific reasons why we love honey.

There are about 300 different types of honey that people produce today. Each of them differs with healthy benefits. Manuka honey varies by; first, it is natively grown in field abundance with manuka blossoms located in the most remote parts of New Zealand. Second, the UMF (Unique Manuka Factor) ensures purity and represents unique compounds of real manuka honey. Lastly, this honey supports the digestive system and immune system.

Benefits of daily consumption of real manuka honey

benefits of daily consumption of real manuka honey

Honey is deficient with water and high with sugar. The substance makes it impossible for bacteria to multiply. The little amount of hydrogen peroxide found in honey also eliminates the chances of growth of microbes. Humans have loved its sweet taste and unique wonders of honey since the Stone Age. Here are scientific reasons for why:

  • The US FDA approved manuka honey back in 2007 as a natural alternative for treating several types of wounds. Multiple studies found that manuka honey improves the wound’s capacity to heal and increase tissue regeneration. It also decreases the pain of the person suffering from burns.
  • Diabetic wounds are different from typical injuries, for they are slower to heal. Among various possible treatments, honey is considered a practical choice since it can rapidly heal wounds. Recent research says honey’s healing properties work even more effectively for people who’ve been wounded and are exhibiting diabetes. 
  • Manuka honey shows promising results in treating dry eye disease. You can buy manuka honey eye drops online. An acute condition caused by inflammation of the cornea due to dryness or keratoconjunctivitis is treatable with specialty-grade honey-like honeycomb or Manuka Honey. 

Honey and Health

honey and its health benefits

Honey is safe to use on sensitive parts of the skin, including the skin around the eyes. It works as a moisturizer and improves blood circulation lightening the dark circle’s under the eyes. Due to the honey cosmetic application for the skin, it reduces skin aging by sealing up moisture and adding softness to the skin.

  • Daily consumption of Manuka honey is good for oral health. This honey prevents the rise of bacteria (P. gingivalis and A. actinomycetemcomitans) that cause tooth decay and gingivitis. Manuka honey is unlikely to cause tooth decay and can even improve your teeth. 
  • Once you have felt the scratchy feeling in your throat and pain when swallowing even talking, honey must always come in mind. It is one of the natural remedies proven to be effective in providing relief to a sore throat. 

Honey soothes the throat by coating the inner linings. It also fights mucositis that causes acute inflammations and ulcerations in the esophagus and digestive tract. A lot of people also hail honey as a natural suppression of coughs and common colds. 


scientific benefits of honey
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In every household, it is best if you buy manuka honey and stack it for later use. The shelf life of honey can last more or less two years. It may come handy in future use, especially in warding off infections that can potentially turn to a severe condition.

Having honey at home, considering its uses and benefits, is a good, healthy investment. Also, take note that in buying honey, it does not need to be refrigerated. Lastly, always keep honey away from direct sunlight.