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Many people say that having a dog is one of the best things in their lives, but many times may not be sure how to let their four-pawed friend know that they care. These are some of the best ways that you can let your pup know that you love them.

Rub Their Ears

Rubbing a dog’s ears is more than just a cutesy way to love on them—it literally makes them high. What? Yeah, a dog’s ears are made up of thousands of nerve endings that drive impulses throughout their body, which triggers the release of endorphins—these are the hormones that act as painkillers and are a natural “drug”. When your dog feels love, these endorphins are released and makes your furry friend happy. When you show them love like this, there is no question that they are feeling it.  

Feed Them By Hand

This is a great thing to do starting when your dog is a puppy, if possible. This will show the dog that you are the provider of food and will help to reduce any aggression toward food. Though it seems like an insignificant gesture, it is an intimate experience that will create a strong bond between you and your dog. As they grow older, the need to feed by hand will fade, but it will ensure that you are not getting treats snapped out of your hand when you are showing them love in that way.

Establish a Routine

This gives a sense of stability, thus a sense of feeling more secure. They will learn that they won’t have to wonder when their next meal will be, or if they will be able to play outside at all. These things should be predictable for your dog. If you aren’t sure where to start, has many tips on dog nutrition, overall health, and so much more.

Train Them With Rewards

Training your dog with positive reinforcement will allow them to learn with praise. It is a wonderful way to communicate your love while teaching them the necessary commands. You will be presenting your dog with their favorite forms of motivation like food, praise, or play. This allows them to see you as their provider of all that they love. They will see that when they obey your commands, you are happy, and when you are happy, they will get their rewards.


Learn Their Body Language

A recent study found that most dogs do not like to be hugged. Also, sometimes they don’t like it when you approach them in a direct way, and are not thrilled to meet strangers or even your friends. Their body language will communicate this, and when you see that they are stressed, you can do what needs to happen to appease them and make them feel at ease. This increases the trust that they have for you, and will help in building your relationship.

Let Them Snuggle You

Touch is an important part of a loving relationship, even that with your dog. Dogs will sometimes lean on you, sleep with their head on you, or just touch you with their paw or foot. Sure, sometimes this might be uncomfortable, but adjust yourself to be more comfortable rather than kicking them off of the sofa. They made a conscious decision to come relax next to you, and you should let them know that they are okay there by allowing them to be close to you.

Let Them Have a Comfortable Place of Their Own

They should have a safe place to go that is their own, whether it needs to be a crate or can be just a dog bed. This is the place that they will feel comfortable going when they need to be alone for any number of reasons. If they are tired of play, they will go here. If they are scared of something, they will also go here.

Tell Them You Love Them

Scientific research backs up the claim that dogs understand human speech. No not every word, but they experience a high level of happiness when words were said in both a praising tone, and were words of praise. It has been suggested that they are not only listening to the tone of a voice but also the words that are said. So because of this, you can rest assured that the silly voice that you use to tell your dog that you love them isn’t for nothing—they love it all.

Exercise With Them

When you ensure that your dog is getting enough exercise, they will be more fulfilled, and less likely to behave destructively. A benefit of this type of routine is that you will know your dog will be ready for a nap by the time they are done exercising, so you won’t have to do so many short trips outside.

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