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This article covers everything you need to know about the company, Theradome.

A medical therapy organization situated in Silicon Valley, Theradome has a strong reputation for delivering some of the most advanced and cutting-edge laser hair growth devices in the world for hair loss. Theradome is well aware of the challenge of hair loss and helps to bring efficient hair growth therapies (clinically proven) into your home. On top of everything else, their commitment is to hair health restoration and confidence of individuals worldwide.

Theradome collaborates with prominent leaders in the industry of hair restoration and, in doing that, raises standards of innovation and performance. They accomplish paramount success in the precise science that is governing hair growth restoration and laser photo-therapy. The laser helmet by Theradome (which is the chief flagship product of the brand) is proven clinically effective and safe for the restoration of your hair.

In this article we are going to discuss Theradome reviews and everything you need to know about the company. Also, here are some other laser cap reviews.

Theradome Products


The Theradome EVO LH40 and the Theradome PRO LH80 are the two key products that Theradome provides to customers.

These are essentially portable laser helmets that harness laser power to tackle the issue of loss of hair. These devices are lightweight and can easily fit on your head.

Theradome Evo Laser Hair Growth Device

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Theradome EVO LH40 features a total of 40 lasers. These effective lasers constantly deliver at 680 nm, which happens to be the ideal wavelength for the deepest possible infiltration into your scalp of up to 5 millimeters into the follicle of hair, and that ensures its optimal growth. Moreover, it generates the maximum amount of power by boosting blood flow and enabling the essential nutrients that your hair requires to stop the loss of hair, promote new hair growth, and thicken the hair you currently have.

Theradome LH80 Pro

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The Theradome PRO LH80 includes 80 lasers. In Theradome’s extensive clinical studies, all participants benefited from using these Theradome laser helmets for hair growth according to their website. They experienced either one or more of the following:

  • 2 times increase of the size of your hair follicle for existing hair,
  • Slowing down and minimization of loss of hair
  • New growth of hair

Furthermore, the manufacturers have specifically designed Theradome laser helmets for comfortable and safe home treatment, with no adverse side effects. There is no need for you to leave your home- you can treat your hair right from your house, which is a great convenience!

How long do you have to wait to observe the results when you use the Theradome laser helmet for hair growth?

*This information comes from Theradome’s website

1st Step: Reducing loss of hair by slowing it down (3 – 18 weeks)

2nd Step: Reversal of miniaturization by thickening existing hair (18 – 26 weeks)

3rd Step: Growing and renewing new hair (26 – 52 weeks)

Individual results might differ according to several factors that include your present hair loss stage, existing health, your genetics, and the probable existence of any medical conditions (26 – 52 weeks)

Theradome Helmet Recommended Usage Time

theradome helmet

The recommended usage time for the Theradome EVO LH40 is 20 minutes a day and 4 times every week, whereas, for the Theradome PRO LH80, the ideal usage time is 20 minutes every day and around 2 times every week.

Theradome Laser Helmet Warranty

theradome laser helmet warranty

All of the Theradome EVO LH40 and Theradome PRO LH80 laser therapy helmets for your hair bought via authorized resellers and the brand itself, Theradome Inc., come with a limited warranty of 1 year. It is important to keep in mind that this warranty will be considered invalid for all laser helmets bought from resellers who are non-authorized (as a case to point- eBay). Theradome warrants their laser hair helmets against any kind of defects in workmanship and materials, charger, or battery failure for one year from the original date of retail purchase. Also, this manufacturer’s warranty does not cover misuse or any accidental damage.  

Theradome Hair Growth Helmet Money-Back Guarantee (6 months)/ Refund Policy

theradome hair growth helmet money back guarantee

A money-back guarantee covers any purchase that you make through Theradome’s official website for 6 months (this comes into effect effective from the purchase date of the product). To be eligible for this money back guarantee, Theradome requests that you try your best to use your laser device as per the instructions present in the user manual, hair laser treatment sessions of 20 minutes two times every week for 6 months.

Suppose you have not managed to accomplish satisfactory or visible results post 6 months from the purchase date. In that case, you can return your Theradome device for a 100 percent refund of the buying price, minus the interest charges, and shipping expenses—if you have used Affirm (a financing option) for the payment.

However, keep in mind that Theradome will not provide a money-back guarantee (6 months) if you are buying internationally according to their website. This guarantee applies to the addresses in just the United States of America. Although Theradome has included this advantage to assist as many consumers as possible, they cannot accept and approve any international returns due to the varied duty and customs management processes needed to handle returns from outside the vicinity of the United States.

Theradome Inc Accepted Methods of Payment

theradome inc payment

When it comes to domestic orders of any Theradome products (addresses in the United States of America), Theradome accepts all the main debit and credit cards used in the country like American Express, Visa and Mastercard, Discover, and Paypal payments. Also, Theradome offers a flexible payment plan via Affirm.

On the other hand, all international orders of the Theradome products have to be processed via the PayPal platform. Currently, Theradome cannot accept any credit card payments for orders that people place from outside the United States of America.

Conclusion: Theradome Reviews 2020

theradome reviews 2020

Theradome is a laser hair growth company that provides laser helmets for men and women looking to improve their hair loss condition. These devices are FDA-cleared for safe and effective human use. The Theradome laser helmets are equipped with 40 and 80 medical grade laser diodes and the helmets are a one size fits all.

If you are looking to regrow your thinning hair, laser hair growth therapy is a great and non-invasive treatment option to consider. Here is a list of several other laser cap options available on the market today.

Theradome Reviews FAQs

Does Theradome really work?

Theradome is FDA-cleared and clinically proven to help regrow hair on the scalps of men and women.

Do lasers really regrow hair?

Yes. Lasers can regrow hair through devices known as laser caps.

Can I use Theradome every day?

It is not advised to use Theradome every day according to their website.

What is the best hair regrowth laser?

The best lasers to use for hair growth are medical grade laser diodes.