4 essential tips for choosing the best memory foam mattress
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Over the years, the memory foam mattress has become a rapidly growing alternative to the spring mattress due to its superior comfort, support, and motion damping features. It cradles the body in all positions, which provides an additional cushioning effect and support for the neck, shoulders, and hips.

With a wealth of options for memory foam mattresses in the market today, choosing one that fits your need can be quite challenging. Here are four essential tips to help you pick the best memory foam mattress for a night of good sleep.

Consider Your Sleeping Style

consider your sleep style for choosing the best memory foam mattress

Customers who often wake up with neck pain, shoulder pain or back pain are most likely sleeping on the wrong mattress. And memory foam may be the perfect solution. Customers’ sleeping style and the firmness of a memory foam mattress are closely related.

People who sleep on their backs usually require mattresses with a medium firmness to support their spine. Meanwhile, people who have the habit of sleeping on their stomachs generally prefer beds with a firmer foam. Soft mattresses, on the other hand, are best for people who love to sleep on their sides.

Study the Types of Memory Foam

While all memory foam gives off the same appearance at first glance, there are several types of memory foam, each of which has its distinct features and benefits. The following are some memory foam types:

  • Traditional memory foam mattress: This type of bed supports the body by responding to the body’s weight and shape, which helps reduce the pressure points and improve circulation.
  • Latex foam mattress: Technically, this is not a type of memory foam and does not give the same amount of comfort to users as that of the memory foam. Still, it is comfortable and plush. Its main advantages are that it is hypoallergenic and has an anti-microbial feature. So it is an excellent option for people who are allergic to dust. However, people with a latex allergy should not avoid this mattress type.
  • Gel memory foam mattress: This type of memory foam contains similar gel formulation as that of the inserts, which can usually be found in shoes to decrease pressure. The gel allows a higher amount of air to flow across the mattress and help reduce body heat, making it the best choice for people who are prone to heating up when sleeping.

Know Your Density

Memory foam bed comes in three density options: low-density, medium-density and high-density. Foam density affects foam durability. The durability of foam increases as it gets denser. 

Hence, amongst the three options, high-density memory foam would be the most durable. Medium-density foam, on the other hand, permits motion isolations, which makes it an excellent choice for those who sleep with a partner. Low-density mattresses are more comfortable to break in, making it easier for a sleeper’s body to adjust compared to a higher-density bed. 

Pick a Mattress Which Requires Minimal Maintenance

pick a mattress that requires little maintenance for choosing the best memory foam mattress

Since buying a memory foam mattress is a considerable investment, properly maintaining it is crucial to prolong its lifespan. Before buying the bed, be sure to check whether it is easy to clean and maintain by reading through the product’s specifications or customers’ review online. Customers should always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines when cleaning the mattress.

Memory foam mattresses provide excellent comfort and support for your body. To make sure you pick the best memory foam, consider your sleeping habit, the types of mattresses, foam density, and maintenance requirement.