Travel guide to north Africa
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North Africa comprises of seven countries, including Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Western Sahara and Libya, all of which are home to some of the most exciting adventures adrenaline-junkies could only dream about. With landscapes consisting of rocky mountains and sand dunes, as well as having access to the glistening waters of the Atlantis Ocean, there are a number of adventures one could embark on both on land and under water.

For those who looking for the perfect trip that will not only pack a punch but get their adrenaline pumping and their heart racing, North Africa is the perfect place to start. In this article we are going to look at five North African countries and what adrenaline pumping adventures you could get up to while you are there on your yearly vacation:

Take to the Water in Morocco


With a number of beautiful luxury beach resorts calling Morocco their home, it’s no wonder that water sport enthusiasts visit the country to take part in its vast array of water-based activities. Some of the water based activities and sports include taking to the Atlantic Ocean by surfing on the coast, white water rafting down the Ahansal River, and getting fast and furious on a jet ski in the open waters. Most of the water sports that are available in Morocco have been around for quite some time, including canoeing, kayaking, windsurfing and surfing, however, others have not. Water-skiing has only gained popularity in the last few years, as well as deep-sea fishing. Other water-based sports that are gaining popularity include scuba diving, as it is by far one of the best ways in which visitors on holiday in Morocco can explore the ocean and the creatures that live in it.

Ride a Camel in Egypt


Camels, contrary to what people say about them, are loyal, docile and intelligent animals that are well looked after and well respected by their Bedouin masters. They were Muhammed’s (PBUH) favourite animal and are still an important part of the Egyptian landscape, this being because they provide a mode of transport that allows both locals and visitors alike to explore the country’s sites, including its mountains, wadis and desert landscape. While on a camel ride, visitors will get a completely different and unique perspective of the country’s surroundings and landscape. A camel ride is a must-do for any first-time visitor, and there a number of places you can experience this weird and wonderful adventure. In Cairo, visitors can take a camel ride around the incredible Pyramids of Giza, as well as explore the desert behind them. Another place that visitors can explore on camel back would be the desert itself. There are ample opportunities that include riding the beautiful creatures for a couple of hours, or choosing to ride them for a few days during one of the many desert tours.

Rock Climbing in Algeria


Southern Algeria is home to the Hoggar (or Ahaggar) Mountains, which are a highland region located just north of Tamanrasset and west of Djanet in the central Sahara. The region consists of rocky desert and the Hoggar Mountains rise to around 3000m tall – the highest peak being Mount Tahat – making the area a paradise for trekkers and rock climbers alike. The mountain range is mainly volcanic rock, and climbers can expect the summer climate to be very hot and the winter climate to be very cold, with temperatures that can fall below 0 degrees centigrade in the coolest months. The climate is, however, less extreme than most other areas that call the Sahara their home, meaning that both trekkers and mountain climbers are more than likely to come across a few of the area’s diverse and relict species.

Spend Some Time in the Desert in Tunisia


There is no doubt that he best way for any visitor to truly appreciate the Sahara Desert would be to spend a few nights under the stars – equipped with a knowledgeable guide of course. Normally, visitors would need to take a camel ride to get to their campsite, which would normally take about an hour and a half. Everything, from the food visitors would be eating to the tents they would be sleeping in, is loaded onto the camels before setting off into the dunes accompanied by the local guides. Once at the required site, it’s time to pitch the tents, gather sticks for a warm campfire and prepare the food for the evening’s meal. Apart from cooking, evening activities normally consist of singing traditional songs, drumming and listening to the sounds of the recorder, all while under the beautiful starry sky. Whether visitors choose to stay one night or five nights in the desert, it is an adventure that should not be missed.

The above suggestions are perfect for any traveller who seeks some adventure on their yearly vacation.


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