Meet Gozo: A Hidden Gem of an Island in the Mediterranean

Known as Malta's little sister island, Gozo is full of stories of legends, crusading knights, and magic. It's even believed to be the mythical...

8 Things You Should Bring When Traveling Abroad

8 Things You Should Bring When Traveling Abroad Travelling is not just an experience, it is way more than that. It is an emotion, a...

10 Things You Must Do Before a Trip to the USA

You must be excited to visit the USA for your upcoming vacation. In order to have a carefree time during your trip, it is...

How To Eat Around The World on a Vegan Diet

Some people have a misconception that a person who maintains a vegan lifestyle do so purely for compassionate reasons. While a vegan may feel...

Fitness On-the-Go: Eight Ways To Stay Fit While Traveling

Some women consider travel days to be “cheat days” during which it’s okay to skip normal fitness and diet routines. For the occasional traveler,...
Winter vacation

Island Hopping Is Best in December: Here’s Why

Before the winter doldrums set in, now is a good time to start planning your next great escape. Daylight Savings tends to remind us...

Travel Meets Minimalism: An Essential Packing Guide (Infographic)

Packing for a trip can be overwhelming. Of course you don’t want to forget something you’ll need and yet packing too much is also...
Vacation While Grieving

Why You Should Vacation While Grieving?

Grief is a natural response to loss. When your something or someone you love is taken away for whatever reason, you suffer emotionally. Apart...
How to get a passport

How to Get a Passport: What You Need to Know

Maybe your best friend is living abroad or you want to travel to Mexico or Canada, in order to travel you will need a...
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